Big Hare & Big Faith

OK, on the real…

I have noticed as of late that there is a trend in my life. I relate everything to my hair. I partially blame this on my family; we definitely have a “Hare” complex (I know lame joke). However, seriously, my aunt was a hair dresser.  If you ever needed a change in life you can easily change your hair, and it helps get the ball rolling in the process.  Also, my mom and my dad have always been concerned about their hair…so…here I am:

If it is too big then I feel confident or unruly.  Likewise, when it’ sleek and “perfect” then I feel put-together.  On the other hand, when it just won’t do right  I feel just not quite right either!  Can anyone relate??  I mean, I know this sounds extremely vain, but who doen’t understand?  I mean, we have all had those days when we roll out of bed and put a ball cap on to try to conceal the true feelings of that the rest of the day should just be spent taking a nap or reading a book being lazy.  

Ironically, in all this my last name is Hare.  I also think there are times in my relationship with God where I have a “big hair” sort of situation.  I have strong faith, am completely confident in Him, and don’t feel any hesitancy in knowing that He is in control and that I am one of His beloved children. On the other hand, there are those days that I have “little hair or ball cap hair” with God, and I don’t understand what is going on, what to do, but all in all I am still trying my hardest to say, “You are God, and I am not!”

SO, if you are reading this or plan on reading this,…I say thank you.  I am on a journey, and I would love to have every day be a day where this Hare has BIG faith.  In reality, everyday won’t be  BIG.  However, every single day God is BIG!

I plan on sharing with you out there about life, love, God, Youth Ministry, and quite possibly even my hair.

In His Hands,



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