Touching the World One Break Room @ a Time

Sooo. Today was cra cra (in other words-crazy) (and this may take a little while for whoever is reading this to get my lingo btw).  

The truth is, at the current moment, I am in transition in three different jobs… explanation of the cra cra day.

Right now, I am in my last week of work at a Publishing Company in Dallas.  It has been great working there and served it’s purpose of providing me a with work for the summer.  However, the hours do not fit with my schedule as I start my new job, so that’s why it’s my last week.

I am in training for a little job as doing some administrative & secretarial work on Friday’s & Saturday’s at the YMCA.  It really is not bad at all.  I know most the people; it is with in two minutes of my house; I get a free membership; and I work max 10 hours a week.  Cool.

Last, I am in the process of starting my job @ Highland Park.  So I am beginning to worship there, go to meetings, get to know the teens, develop curriculum/series…ect.  I am soooooo excited!!!!!  Today I got excited and squealed when I got an email about working on the Wednesday night series (WOW- Worship On Wednesday).  It is kinda humoeous, but I would not have it any other way.  I am sure it will be such a blessing to work there…it already has been.  My official start date is the 23rd of August. I have two partial roles- one as working with the Senior Highers, and another (which is new) as working on Youth Missions/Retreats/Trips/Events.  I will be working with an amazing team, and I can’t wait.  Everyone seems so genuine, down to earth, welcoming, visionary, and wanting the best interest of everyone in the youth ministry, church, and staff (which is a breath of fresh air and a blessing). 

All in all, I feel expectant.  Have any of you ever heard that song by Kutless called “Holy of Holies”?  I did a project that kind of mulled over this song ( but that was nearly three years ago).  Recently this song has been on my mind.  I just feel like I am in such a place with God that is so expectant, pure, and trusting.  I feel more than ever that I trust Him, His judgement, and His visions for me.  I do not have any desire (at the moment) to try to step in the way of whatever He has going on and is about to do in my life.  I know that like many people, I am not the only one that struggles with taking the reigns and digging my heels in to have my way.  BUT for once,…I do not feel that way.  I feel like I am just standing (smiling- which if you know me is not unusual) waiting for what ever is behind those curtains, in this Holy of Holy moments, He has waiting for me.

With all this hoping around from one break room to the next (and all three break rooms being extremely different might I add), I have been put in a couple situations where I have just seen God continue to take those reigns and bring in the conversation close to Him with some people I never would of expected.  It has been so neat to be caught off guard not expecting Him to be bring different conversations in to Him.

So here I am continuing to wait in expectation… for what He will continue to do in the world, through people, through me, through teenagers, through my co-workers. 

Waiting in expectation…for how He will touch the world one break room at a time.


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