Trespassing for Jesus???

If you read my previous post you probably know that things are kinda busy.  

Yesterday I forgot to write… I had work with Job #2, then meetings @ HPUMC (Highland Park United Methodist Church), an then I was supposed  to go see Natalie Grant @ Life Today (but she cancelled).  It was so nice to go up to HPUMC.  I finally got to meet Drew, who I will be working with on Missions! In a series of meetings, we worked on details for my job, desk location, missions paper work, and WOW theme.  I think they will be an extremely fun group to be with–everyone is pretty chill, fun (talks of towel and rubber band wars), and productive.

Today, I went with my mom to the doctor for some more testing on her heart.  We get results and such next week.  It was nice to be able to be there and not worry from a distance!  On another note,… a wonderful woman saved me  from wandering around East Texas today.  I got kinda lost on my way to Allen, Texas!!  I stopped at a surgery center of all things, and this sweet woman was headed to the same place I was, so she let me follow her!  I am learning Mapquest is not always dependable especially when there is construction! She was such a blessing; who knows where I would have ended up?!

On my looong drive home, I was thinking about one of my favorite things.  I had this little tradition in Abilene, and I have not found a replacement tradition…and it really is bugging me!  While Abilene is not the most gorgeous place on earth, it does have a beautiful sky.  Many times I would spend a couple hours a week at a park or at Jacob’s Dream on campus soaking in the word, reading, thinking, etc.  Well, I know you would think that now that I am in the BIG CITY, there would be someplace for me to do that right? Not so.  I know of a few parks….but they are not very pretty or are all in the sun or are “parky”… any suggestions anyone?  The neighborhood around the corner has a park that is beautiful, but the park is gated.  Sometimes the gates are open.  As I have driven around there, at times I have thought,…if only I could go when the gates are open…do you think they would let me trespass for Jesus? Doubt it. Not a good plan.  That is why I haven’t.  So if you have any ideas…please share.  I guess I always have taken for granted all the beautiful places I have lived (not saying the metroplex isn’t beautiful).  I am sure I just haven’t found “my spot.” It’s just there is not a Belle Mead Mansion here (if you don’t know what that is bless your soul and google it!).  There is not my stump like in Gatlinburg (again, google it).  And there is not my shady bench overlooking the pond like in Abilene.  Any “my spot” suggestions would be most appreciated.



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