It’s a Chick thing

As you know, yesterday was the 23rd of August. The day I have been excited about since late May! It was my first official Sunday @ Highland Park United Methodist Church!

Not only was it my first day officially, but it was the back to school kickoff where we presented the new theme and curriculum for this semester: Extreme Makeover: Youth Edition. It was full of busy-ness, as we were in a different room than normal, new volunteers wore bright orange t-shirts (which if you know anything about me working at the Y… is so ironic, this orange t-shirt thing has got to quit following me!), at least 250 high schoolers crammed in to the room, some parents too. Class went well. However, I know next week we may be able to take the teens on a tour of the new youth area, which will be so exciting for them to see their new space! After Cornerstone, a group of us went to the college lunch (where some teens crashed it), however it was laughs all around, jokes, talks of Costa Rica, back to school worries, college goodbyes, and just plain good times.

This church is so loving–to say goodbye is like a 15 minute process for them. It is a special thing to watch. It is almost like a little family…which is what so many people thirst for and especially teens.

I took a quick break and went home before the choir kickoff. I just went and listened to the choir practice for a while. Kojies, I know we all think we sound the best in the world because of Sing Song, but these 50ish 6th-12th graders could totally kick our butts on the first day of practice! They are awesome!

While I see on facebook, 5th years going back to their last semester today and other friends going back to school or grad school, I am so happy to say I am NOT! I mean one day, yes, I will go back to grad school. Right now it is just not in me, and I am where I need to be. Even though it’s not my first day of school; it is my first day in the office! So excited!

I heard something yesterday that I felt like really applied to me… Just like a little baby chick that is developed and ready to step out into the world tapping on the little egg wall to get out, so am I. I am still new to Youth Ministry even though I have technically been doing it for at least 6 years, but I am just stepping out ready to look at things in a new light. I have already seen some things that are struggles in teens that I have never thought about much, and I am being challenged. It’s a new crowd. It’s not my kids that I know so well and still gets texts from during church (like yesterday) from Tusculum. It’s not my girl’s from Highland in Abilene, and it’s not my edgy little punk rockers from Gateway. They are all different but still the same. The same God. The same message. I may not know these teens that well yet, but as I step out of my shell…I am getting their names, worries, questions, and excitements.

It’s definitely a chick thing.

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