Hope is Rising

Last night, I had the great priveldge of going to see Hillsong United in concert. Someone in our group had never been to a Christian concert before, and I was trying to explain to them what one was like. The best I could come up with was, “It has all the intensity and greatness of a regular concert but then you add the Holy Spirit and God in the mix.” Which, the more I have thought of that discription the cooler it sounds.

I mean isn’t everything pretty normal until you add the Holy Spirit and God into the mix?

First, if you don’t know who Hillsong is you need to Youtube it. I garentee that you will recognize at least a couple songs if you have every spent any time in a church building…they are a part of Hillsong Church in Austrailia. Their band is well known because so many of the most popular worship songs were written by their members. They even have a University for music…seriously- go there. Second, the way those Aussies worship is simply fantastic. For 4 hours straight they worshiped their heehineies off.

With everything that is going on the the world right now- the economy, government, the church, etc. it was neat to look around and see thousands of people all coming together to worship one God and one Savior Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to be able to meet in an arena to be able to sing things with the words: Hosana in the Highest, He is mighty to save, Jesus we’re living for your name, In awe of the one who gave it all, the enemies been defeated and death couldn’t hold Him down, etc, etc…

There could have been thousands of different views, backgrounds, and even cultures represented there, but it still rings true that ONE name makes all those other things pass away, and that is the name of Jesus.

One song that was sang said,

“This life is Yours.
Hope is rising as Your glory floods our hearts.
Let Love tear down these walls.
That all creation would come back to You.
It’s all for you.”

Remember, now is the time to let love tear down all the walls.

Hope is rising.

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