Recently, I saw an article in “National Geographic” about birds.

Have you ever noticed that birds on phone wires always face the same direction?

Birds always face into or toward the wind. They do this to prune their bad feathers. The wind naturally gets rid of them. You an always tell the direction the wind is blowing by looking at the birds on the wires. These little intricacies in nature always throw me off into a startled standstill to remember how indescribable God is. I mean just think, in Eden, did all the birds face the same direction on tree branches??? I am sure they did! We and even nature were made and given natural tools for survival. This makes me think of Matthew 6:25-34, when Jesus says not to worry because even the birds of the air are taken care of…done and done.

I looked up the word “Pruning.” Pruning means to remove of diseased, non-productive, or otherwise unwanted portions of a plant or something in nature. God just naturally protects the birds, in the way they all face the wind, by getting rid of bad follicles or feathers or trash,… Wouldn’t it be cool if we pruned what we worry about? I mean, most of the things I worry about consist of things that are non-productive or unwanted things, which cause me to be fearful or uneasy. What if we could just face into the wind and let God just prune all that gunk of worry, stress, and trash away??? What if we were known because, “Oh she is always facing into God, trusting Him, so her worries just kinda fly away into the wind.” I want this. Desire this.

How do we get there?

Well, again, I think it is interesting that the birds are always together on these phone lines. I think there is something to that. I mean we were created for relationship. To be in relationship with God and others. Jesus was all about relationships. I think we need people around us doing the same thing. People that are leaning into the wind with us, being pruned. Ya know, there is comfort in numbers. You have people standing with you. This secretly can cheer you on, just knowing someone believes as much as you do and will trust, so this in turn gives you more strength and faith because you see it in the others beside you.

Go ahead. Don’t be afraid. Let the pruning begin. “I jump you; you jump, Jack”

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