Here’s Your Sign

Over the last 9 months, I have learned to appreciate the little signs that your body gives you.  Say, if all in a sudden your eyes are puffy, you can’t sleep, and you are running out of breath as you are in your second mile of your normal three…

Here’s your sign.  Thankfully, I am at least smart enough to go to the doctor at the beginning of these symptoms.  I am fully ready to take the meds, pay the bills, etc.  However, there is one essential key to healing.


I have a really hard time resting. When I rest, I have to be sitting making lists, or have something in the background. Which, these in turn do not really lead to true rest.  Sometimes, you just have to stop. They say that true rejuvenation of the body comes during the hours of 9pm-2am. Well, as a 23 year old…these are generally my prime hours…I mean I can work out at 7pm and get my second wind of the day around 9 that lasts til midnight.  Kind of ridiculous when you stop and think about it.

I think back about times i have been the most sick, and it was simply because I did not follow one of the key ingredients of healing…rest. In the words of my best friend,Leigh, “you’re like the energizer bunny…you keep going and going and going!”

So. This week. I kind of read the signs. I rested Sunday night. I went to the Doctor. But I kept going. Therefore, all my plans for the weekend were cancelled. I ended up with a lady in the check out line telling me to feel better when I never mentioned I was sick…and now am skipping out on Sunday School and the HS musical that I’d looked forward to all month!

Sometimes, I wonder if we see the signs in our spiritual life, and ignore the easy solution. Then we are set back missing out on the best things.  I mean how many times do we see that we aren’t spending alone time with God, and instead of simply doing it…we ignore the tug.  Then in a month, we are broken at His feet.

Or, sometimes we see that we have a gift, but are too afraid to use it.  Then the time passes and we are so far behind in serving Him with that gift that we feel hopeless in using it.

So. Whether you need to heed the sign of your health and the wise doctors words, submit to the tug in your heart, or even step out in faith. Do it.

Here’s Your Sign.

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