Pretend Bangs

In case I haven’t really said anything about hair lately; I thought today might be the right day.

This was inspired by my catching up on my TiVoed Oprah shows.

Recently Oprah had Chris Rock on her show because he made a documentary called “Good Hair.”  His documentary was inspired by his little girl coming wanting “pretty” hair. Well, I really know nothing about black people hair other than you don’t touch it. They went on to explain all the treatments they do just to make it look or make them feel “normal” and fit in with everyone.

Oprah even showed a picture of herself as a small child where she wanted bangs, and her hair just wouldn’t make bangs. So she had “pretend bangs.” She had her little twists/corn rows/whatever you call its pinned into place and tucked under to make it look like she had bangs…kinda redic. Black women do something like perming where it is a chemical relaxer that will smooth out and straighten the hair. One of the girls from Salt n Pepa talked about how she burned her scalp doing a chemical relaxer and that is how the hair style of half long and half shaven came about. She said she actually used a colored pencil to fill in the bald spots!

Women go to great lengths with their hair.

Chris Rock pointed out that black women are not the only ones to have hair issues with fitting in and such.  They panned the camera around the room to show that almost every single white woman there not only had blonde hair, but colored blonde hair.  14 billion dollars is spent in hair salons every year on hair color.  His question to all the blondes was, “How do you stand out if everyone is the same-blonde?”

Ok, I used to color my hair blonder in HS, so yes, I understand.  However, God has given me natural highlights to were I really don’t need fake ones (so if you were wondering–the last time I colored my hair was Jr year of HS).

So what?

Why do we do this?

I have absolutely no problems with pampering and enhancing beauty.  My question is…do you do it for you or for those around you?  You know there are a lot of things we all do to cover up ourselves- make up, nail polish, whitening strips, hair color, clothes, hats, waxing, perfume, cologne, jackets, shaving, and even deodorant.  Some things we do because it is simply healthy, natural, and best for everyone around us–hence deodorant. Some things we do because we love it. I love the smell of my perfume. Therefore, I wear it. Everyday.  It makes me feel good. I don’t think that’s wrong either.

Do we do this in our spiritual lives?

Recently, I was talking with Phil and Drew, some co-workers, about how annoying it is when a teen will cuss in front of me and then apologize for it. How dumb. First, I’m 23. Do you think I’ve never heard it? Do you think I’ve never said it myself? (Maybe I come off better than I am?) Second, be you. If your going to cuss, then cuss. Not saying you should, but do not not be you either.  Do we live layered lives where we are trying to cover the roots?

I’m not saying to go air your dirty laundry or even to tell everyone that you dye your hair. Just. Be. You. If being you is blonde even though your roots are brown- so be it. Do it for you. If being you is not going to a ball game because it’s raining and everyone else does. Fine. Be you. Be ok with it. If being you involves singing really off key Mariah Carey  music in your car at the top of your lungs. Great. Do it. Be you. If being you is sitting around with your guy friends burping and watching a football game. Great. Be you. If you want bangs, but can only have pretend ones. Fabulous. Be you and rock those pretend bangs.

Be you.

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