Return to Eden

As a Senior High youth ministry, we are having a book study this semester based off of Rob Bell’s book “Jesus Wants to Save Christians.”  Rob Bell is such a good writer.  His style is light, to the point, easy reading, deep, and thought provoking. 

This past weekend we had our Senior High fall retreat. When Phil, Regan, and I began planning it, we were talking about the swine flu and how simply tired our kids are.  So, we began thinking about the beginning of Rob Bell’s book where he talks about Eden.  How Eden was a place of rest.  Since a retreat’s purpose is to get away, we thought this may be a good them. Provide these teens with a place to get away. Return to Eden. A place of rest. No worries. Just Rest.

It turns out, this is what they needed.  We had 3 different seminars they could attend, where we each taught one that would equip them with different tools for rest.  One was on imaginative prayer. Mine was something called soaking.  Another was on silence. We had a room built specifically for rest…it had candles, crosses, matresses, paper for drawing, notebook paper for writing,…it was great.

We ended up with at least 10-20 kids that took naps periodically throughout the day.  We had many journal for hours at a time, and some just chose to play sand volleyball. 

This whole ordeal made me think for myself.

When I need rest what do I do?

What is rest to me?

Tomorrow, I am taking the whole day off…so unless you are my dad or Leigh (already have phone dates scheduled) you probably won’t talk to me on the phone…sorry.  Rest for me is a gift. Treasured time. I like to sleep in, which rarely happens. I like to drink coffee and watch the Today Show.  I like to read. I like to run. I like to call Leigh or Jana and talk–and not have a deadline to get off the phone.  I like to go to the movies.  Sometimes I like to go to Mallory & Elise’s apartment and hang out. I like to laugh. I like to worship.  I like to spend time with my mom.  I like the beach. Laughing and hanging out with my co-workers.  Watching Youtube. I think these things give me rest. When I laugh especially… there is healing in humor.  That is why I love my friend Jana…she can always bring light to a situation and see the humor in it. Sometimes we can’t even sit across from eachother because we get cracked up.  These things are my Eden. 

Think about your Eden.

What gives you rest?

Isn’t there at least one thing in your Eden that you can do everyday?  Or do a different thing every day that reminds you of your Eden?

Return to Eden.

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