The High Road Has Been Blocked

Is it a chick thing?

What’s the deal?

I know that in all my years of life I have not been the nicest person at all times or gone about things the right way… there is that one time I talked during nap time in kindergarden (shocking I know)…there is that one time I called a girl a bad  name in 4th grade & sat in a corner on the play ground crying because I hurt someones feelings…there is that time I fussed at a family member for not living a Christian life…there is also that one time in high school that I didn’t tell my parents about until my Junior year of college (just in case)…there is also that one time that I flipped a guy I dated off at a stop sign in college (he deserved it…promise).

The point is…much like one of my favorite speakers, Holly Wagner, I have always been a fairly nice person.  I mean, in 5th grade a guy in my class nicknamed me “nice, nice, Caroline.”  This name stuck. It not only stuck with my classmates but with myself.  I’ve always been nice, nice.  When my parents told me to do something when I was little, for the most part I just did it!  I mean, they are my parents–they must have a good reason, right??

So. Now, I am an adult (kind of, well, yeah, I have an insurance card with my name on it, so yes).

I think that I truly hate to see people in pain, feel awkward, or be left out when they do not need to be.  I am sure I have caused pain and left people out before…but I honestly try not to, because I wouldn’t want it done to me. Is that because I am nice nice Caroline? Because I want the best for people? Because I want everyone to like me?  Because I want everyone to feel loved?

I don’t know.

Not everyone is like me. Not everyone is nice nice.

Recently. Ok, 4 years ago. When I started college and was making new friends, my mom and dad started saying the same phrase “Take the High Road.”  In other words, when people do act rude and such be above it. Keep treating them well.  Things usually work out.  Stay away from them.

This has proven to be true sometimes and untrue sometimes.

What if the high road is blocked?

What if it is someone close to you? What if it is someone in your class that you sit next to every single day? What if it’s your step-mom or step-dad? What if it is a co-worker? What if it is your next door neighbor?

Sometimes you need space.

Can I get a witness?????  Sometimes you need someone to see what you see or hear what you hear.

Sometimes you need to cry and get it out.

Walk it out.  Sometimes when the high road is blocked, you have to physically get out of your little vehicle and walk it out. Walk around the person/object.  It may feel a little more strenuous.  You may have to take it one single step at a time. You may even get tired and have to rehydrate.

But eventually you get there.

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