Things I am Thankful for…

There was this “event” that I was invited to on facebook called “30 Days of Thankful.”  I was supposed to post something I was thankful for every day of the month of November. Well, that didn’t happen.  So I will list 30 things I am thankful for now! 🙂 *These are in no particular order!

1. Yummy food on the table

2. My Mom

3. My Dad

4. My family

5. ACU

6. Music

7. Friends

8. Leigh

9. Jana

10. Tusculum Church of Christ

11. The good experiences that shaped me.

12. The bad experiences that shaped me.

13. Robert Oglesby

14. toilet paper

15. hot water

16. air conditoning

17. my Louis Vuitton

18. my car


20. my co-workers

21. Larry Musick

22. the teens I’ve worked with

23. movies

24. books

25. the Bible

26. the beach

27. Boys

28. Ko Jo Kai

29. Gateway

30. Jesus

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