Revelation Song

A couple years ago, my mom moved to DFW.  When she did, she went to several different churches trying to find a church home.  One night, she was watching tv, and Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church came on and was preaching. My mom was determined to find that specific church. When she went,…she loved it.

The first time I went to that church, she warned me that it was a little different than the Church of Christ church where I grew up.  She also told me that they had this AMAZING singer/worship leader that was a young girl… I thought she was just exaggerating.

Then worship started.

This beautiful girl that looked around my age was leading worship. Her voice was this piercingly, beautiful, pure sound.  She started with a song that brought me to tears. It was a song called “Revelation Song.”  If you don’t know who I am talking about, it is Kari Jobe.  Since then, I have heard that song and numerous others of hers straight from her mouth.  She truly has a gift. Her gift has sung me home while I was crying on my way back to Texas from Tennessee one summer. Her voice has led me to worship and understand the power of healing.  Her voice and songs has led me at a place to be expectant in waiting to hear God speak to me. In my car, in my room, in Gateway, on Easter, at conferences, in the youth worship services there…. she is a tool that God uses in my life to speak to me and many others I am sure.

The story behind Revelation Song is here

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