& They Lived Happily Ever After…

I have always loved fairy tales & princess stories.  As do most girls.

Which means that, I have a general love for all Disney Princesses.  I was discussing the other day what my favorite Christmas’ were and what Santa brought me on those days.  As I scrolled through my mental filing cabinet of memories, I had to pause on one year when I was 5 (I think). I remember waking up really really early in the morning, when it was still dark. I tiptoed into the living room. All I could see was the moon shining through the window on a horse drawn carriage that had Cinderella and Prince Charming sitting in it as charming a couple as ever. I happily skipped back to my parents room and said “SANTA CAME, SANTA CAME!!!”  Then we did the morning thing of opening presents, me squealing in delight, and I am sure my parents rubbing their sleepy eyes trying to wake up.

Cinderella.  I have always loved that movie.  I not only did I own the movie and reenacted the story. I also had a Cinderella watch. Cinderella books. I also had all the characters wardrobes to dress my barbies in all the time. I still have the mice ornaments, as well as all the other ornaments to go on my tree.

One thing I loved about the Cinderella story was how it started with, “Once upon a time…” and it ended in “& they lived happily ever after…”  There is lots of gooy stuff in between… like scrubbing of the floors, persecution from evil step sisters and step mothers, a fairy Godmother, delicate glass slippers, mice, dancing, singing, meeting someone Cinderella is not “worthy” of, a carriage, a carriage that turns into a pumpkin, scary horse chases, a man on the search for his bride, a bride locked away…you get the picture.

So many great stories start and end that way.  When I tell the story of Jesus’ birth, I try to say those 2 phrases. “Once upon a time, in a town called Bethlehem…” Then all the gooy stuff starts happening. Herod, stinky animals, 12 apostles, persecution, thunder storms, walking on water, touching lepers, teaching, a man that knows all, Satan tempting, lots of traveling, solitude, Judas’ kiss, death on a cross, burial, resurrection…you get the picture.

However, in both stories, after all the gooy, uncomfortable stuff there is still those same words.

& they lived happily ever after.

We can all live happily ever after because of that one story.


That is a story to share.

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