Poof & Tamer

I got a hair cut today.  I have been wanting a hair cut for nearly a month now.  However, my current hair dresser  had the audacity to get pregnant and be out of work.  I cut nearly 6 inches off.  I have some major life changing events going on, and I tend to change my hair drastically just as I make drastic changes in my life.

Fresh start.

Something different.

This week, my best friend, Leigh popped up on my email chat to ask me if she should get bangs.  We spent over twenty minutes chatting about her hair. She just wanted something different. Whether she should cut it short?  Highlights of blonde or low lights of brown? Bangs? After I gave my advice, it made me extremely nervous. I thought, “What if she hates it!? She will have to live with my advice for months!”

Then I was at the wonderful YMCA last night.  One of my friends was getting ready for spin class, and she had on a sweater hat thingy.  She explained that she did not plan on taking it off for class because her hair was wet, and she was getting it done today as well. She wanted something different.

Hair dressers are really important people in women’s lives.  They make a BIG difference in lives. How you look. How you walk. How sweaty you get at the gym. How confident you are.

Because of all that, they are generally people you want to trust.  Trust to know that when you go on that job interview your hair is NOT going to look like a five year old did it.  Trust that your hair will NOT look like a tray of Clorox Bleach fell on your head.

Generally, because we trust them with those parts of our lives, we also trust them with other parts of our lives.  We tend to sit down and start gabbing about the most recent happenings and our true feelings on the happenings–work, school, boyfriends, family, friends, Tiger Woods, New Moon, and all the saga’s of our lives.

Way back in the day, when I lived in Nashville, I had a hair dresser named Kim.

We still get Christmas cards from Kim. She was & is awesome.  I one day sat down in her chair, and told her my true feelings about my hair.  You see, I have naturally curly hair, but when I blow dry it, it will go straight.  This sounds like heaven, but it can truly work against you at times.  I told her that I needed some “Poof & Tamer!”  Her reaction was, “What?”  I explained that I needed some magical gel or something that would poof up my hair when I needed it, but the gel would also tame it down when it gets frizzy!  The funny thing is, this gel exists. It’s wonderful. Don’t ask me the name of it, because it is “poof & tamer” to me.

I like the idea of poof & tamer.  I usually wear my hair real tame when I am wanting to appear in control or put together.  I usually wear my hair curly and poofy when I am feeling care free or at ease.  That is why such a gel is a must for me.

The thing is, God can totally be a poof & tamer too. He can tame things down, & He can poof things up.  God tames our fears, storms, and sins.  He also poofs up our compassion, strength, & confidence.

I have some big things going on. Can you keep a secret? Yeah, I can too.  Look for future posts for some big news. However, in the middle of the process I am going through I am seeing time and time again how…

When He reigns, He pours.

Pours blessings. Tames our fears and concerns. Poofs up the hearts of people with compassion and understanding.  In some ways, He acts like a hair dresser.  He gives you everything from your confidence in your temple to your therapy sessions about the latest saga.  Not only does He listen to the saga’s, but He gives answers.

Maybe even some poof & tamer.

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