Since all this mess started in Haiti, I just didn’t know what to say or do for that matter.

Every time I see a tweet about it, the news, or whatever I just start crying. It is really quite pathetic.  I was thinking, “Pull it together, Caroline! You are a grown woman.  Things like this happen all the time.”

I hate watching these people that are already impoverished having what solid ground they have in life ripped out from under them.


I don’t know why this surprises me.  A couple years ago, I was at Pink Impact, a women’s conference at Gateway.  They had Christine Caine, a long time youth minister, speaker, and pastor of Hillsong speak.  We had been singing a couple songs in worship that featured words like “break my heart for what breaks yours” and “I want to…feel your heart beat.”  Christine really hauned in on those lyrics.  About how we should want for what breaks God’s heart to also break ours.  How we should want our hearts to beat faster for the things that makes God’s heart beat faster.  Since then, those have been off and on prayers of mine.  Since then, it’s like a new compassion for the world has broken through, where my eyes and heart are open to see things that maybe I would not normally notice.  I am more aware of the heart beats around me.

All this as of recent (the last 2 years), has led me to pray and do things more boldly than I would have ever imagined. From the last week for example,… I was driving through Arlington to get my hair cut, and on the sidewalk I saw a dad with out legs in a wheelchair as he rolled his 7 year old daughter home from school. I prayed for them both.  I had the opportunity to pray over a underdeveloped baby this week as I rocked it at the Y.

I do not share this to say, “oh look at me!”  I share this to say, there are opportunities EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

Nobody even has to know that you prayed for the people broke down on the side of the road.  Nobody has to know that you prayed for healing for a baby.  Nobody has to know that you prayed for safety of people you don’t even know in Haiti.  It is our OBLIGATION to go on behalf of others that may not know what to pray.  We have direct access to the throne of God.

This Haiti thing has not just broken my heart…it has given me a heartquake. It has rattled me. It could happen to any country. It could be California (oh wait, they are having major issues with rain, mudslides, and tornados as I write).

There are going to be times, if you have never had one they will come, where you can not help yourself.  Someone will have to help you. You will have to be vulnerable. You will have people praying over you that you do not even know. I was at the First Conference at Gateway a couple weeks ago, and they had 2 groups stand up to have people pray over them. 1-those needing healing (how appropriate for my family) 2- a job (oh wait, I needed that too).  It took great strength to stand up and be vulnerable to say, “Yes, I need prayer in this area. I can’t do it alone. I need people to go on my behalf. I don’t even know what to pray anymore.”

About the time our hearts are quaked by something and we say, “Yep I need help or I can help by praying on someone’s behalf!” THAT is when we echo what is already taking place in the heart of God.

Saying all that. Pray, pray, and pray again for the hopeless, the hurt, the fearful, already orphans, and the ones that will be orphans after they are found. Healing physically as well as emotionally. Give if you can, the red cross, to your churches. On the Today Show they showed a video of a child being pulled from the rubble. He had his hands raised in victory!

It definitely gives me a heartquake. Let your heart be moved. It’s worth it.

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