In Omnia Paratus! I’m moving to Alabama!

In Omnia Paratus.

This is a Latin phrase meaning, “Ready for all things” or “Ready for anything.”

I first heard this term from one of my favorite TV shows of all times, Gilmore Girls.  When I was homesick at college, I would often watch this show (I have all 7 seasons).  It is full of crazy cockamainy happenings that I could totally see happening in my life, and for the most part, the problems are solved in 60 minutes.  This give hope.

If you don’t know much about the show, I will share with you and explain one of my favorite episodes.  At Yale, Rory is a journalist for the Yale Daily News.  She gets a lead on a secret society called, “The Life and Death Brigade.”  The secret society is made up of young aristocrats that spend obscene amounts of money, go on trips, drink excessively, dressing up in different time period clothing, speaking old english, and at the end of each event there is a challenge that is life or death.  She gets invited by Logan Huntzberger, who is a part of the “Life and Death Brigade” and a part of the newspaper. Before each life and death event, they say this Latin phrase, “In Omnia Paratus!”  In this episode, Mr. Huntzberger tells Rory to join in on the event.  Rory, like all good journalists, agrees to experience first hand the event.  The event was to jump off a 7 or 8 story ledge accompanied by safety harnesses, wearing a ball gown, and an umbrella much like Mary Poppins.   She jumps off the building holding Logan’s hand with 2 phrases on the tip of her tongue: “I jump, you jump, Jack!” and “In Omnia Paratus!

Well, as many of you know, I was laid off at the beginning of December from HPUMC.  With in 4 hours of reposting my resume on Youth Specialties and emailing my mentors, I had 2 voicemail’s, and 6 emails asking for me to interview, as well as, loads of encouragement from those that know and love me.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have been traveling A LOT.  This last 2 months has been quite busy.  I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but from January 1st to 12th, I spent the night in 8 different beds.  In the process of interviewing, I simply fell in love with this one church as I had phone interviews, skype interviews, and went down there a couple times.

Well, on the 14th of January, I got official news, and I was offered a job at Cove United Methodist Church in Hampton Cove, Alabama (near Huntsville) as an Associate Youth Pastor.  I have known about this for about 3 weeks now.  If you know me, then you know how hard it is for me to keep things to myself.  Therefore, there is only about 15 people (my inner circle) that have known this before right now. It is official now! I just didn’t want it to go too public until it was signed, sealed, and delivered.

I AM THRILLED!!!!!! In Omnia Paratus!!!! Ready for anything!!!!

I move next week.  I have been packing, repacking, having moving sales, putting deposits down on my apartment, tying up loose ends, and having moving estimate appointments, on top of my normal commitments. It’s been cra cra. Hampton Cove and Huntsville, Alabama are located just 2 hours south of Nashville, where I grew up.  It is also located about 5 hours from my favorite vacation spot, Destin, Florida.  The city known for the NASA Space Center.  Also, it is beautiful!

No fear, my mom told me she was moving back to Nashville regardless of where I took a job, unless it was in DFW.  She is moving shortly after me.

In November, I started praying for a promotion.  As Crefflo Dollar says, “Don’t you ever pray for a promotion and get upset when God gets ready to change some things.”  Well, I am not complaining.  In many ways, I got my promotion.

My season at HPUMC served it’s purpose.  I needed to be home due to my sheer exhaustion of taking 18 hours and having a sick family member my last semester of college. I needed to be home for my mom over the summer. I needed a place to get my feet wet in full time non internship style ministry.  It gave me the confidence to know that I definitely know what I’m doing (but nobody is perfect).  I got to see former President George W. Bush at church…(I flipped out internally, believe me).  I met some cool people in ministry.  I saw the inner workings of a very large church in the Beverly Hills of Texas.  I learned a lot. Teens are teens. Ministry is not a career for me but a calling.

Sometimes making decisions is tough.  They may even seem life and death.  When it gets down to it, I have always been an adventurous person. I am always up for a new challenge.

I have my safety harness of God’s grace.

I have my version of a ball gown–my Louis and heels.

I have my umbrella of expectation that is in the art of a song, “Sweet Home Alabama.”

And just as I sang/prayed in December, “When you call, I won’t refuse. When you call, I won’t delay.”

My response to the call is, “In Omnia Paratus! I’m moving to Alabama!


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