But God

Today, at 8am, a big Mayflower tractor trailer pulled up to my house, loaded all my belongings, my mom’s belongings, and then at 1pm drove away.

In this whole moving process it has brought 2 things to my immediate attention.

1- How much “stuff” I have: some I can live with out and some I would be devastated to loose.

2-  How you really have to trust people to live life.

I mean, in my head I know that I am paying a company good money to take my belongings from point “A” to point “B.” Everything from my Backstreet Boys memorabilia from their concert in 5th grade to my grandfathers Screaming Eagles pin to my couch to my precious “Kojie” box to my X-Rays from knee surgery to family pictures to precious books my grandfather wrote in as he took notes on teaching a Revelation class at church.

However, I still have to trust. Trust that on Friday morning at 8:30am some guy named Dewayne will be there with all of these items in one piece.

I don’t think I fully recognized that Valentine’s Day is this weekend until a late night Walmart run last night to get tape… Valentine’s is ok. I like love. I like loving others. I personally enjoy knowing that I am loved.  I like knowing that someone cares that I made it off the plane ok. The thing about love is that it’s radical. It has no bounds that are black and white. It does not do wrong. Love is often misunderstood. Love does not fail.  I have had boyfriends fail miserably on Valentine’s Day, which just plain stinks. *(Sidenote: If you are a guy. Listen/read carefully. If you have taken a girl on a date recently/are “hanging out”/ are a boyfriend…just do something…even if it is a single card.)  However, I never have disliked Valentine’s Day, because it’s all about love. I love that I can tell people I love them. Jesus loves them. Love liberally.

The flip side to love that is brought to peoples attention around this time of year is that love means trust. Trusting in God to be your ultimate love. Trusting that someone will not take the most precious parts of your heart and walk away.  Everything from your hopes to your fears to your history to your genetics to your beliefs to your friends to your hobbies to your passions.  Trusting that they will be there at the time they said they would.  I may not have a special someone that can perfectly fit that criteria right now…probably won’t ever have someone that “perfectly” fits it because we were made as humans. People fail. But God.

There is always a “but God.”

Have you noticed that? In the Bible it’s always saying things like (this is the Caroline version): “The people were corrupt,…but God told Noah…” or even “She was with out child…but God gave her a child…” or how about “He was small, a shepherd boy, and could not bear the weight of the armor,…but God helped David defeat Goliath…” or “but God gave His only son that whoever believed in Him would have everlasting life…”

But God.

But God is who I trust with all my stuff. From my precious belongings to my heart.

But God is always going to show up at the right time.

But God is with Dewayne carrying my stuff to Huntsville, AL.

But God works out the details.

But God gives strength.

But God always loves liberally.

But God never has a day that He does not lavish His love on you and me.

But God provides people in life for you to show His love.

But God provides people in life to show you His love.

But God knows all the stuff in your heart–the good, the bad, the ugly, the potential, the passions you haven’t tapped into yet…everything…but God “Oh how He love us, Oh how He loves us, How He loves us so….”

Remember to love people liberally, not just on Valentine’s Day. Not just your family, friends, special other…everybody. We have to love others just like Christ loved us people…come on! Let’s go! You can do it!!  Don’t get frustrated about trusting others…because there is always a “But God.” The love of God never fails. Of that I am certain.

But God…


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