Who’s on the Base?

When I was in high school, I did cheerleading.  Yes, you can quit giggling now.  Most people have seen cheerleaders before.  Sometimes they smile real big, have big hair, wear make up, are loud, are peppy, do cheers, do dances, and sometimes they even make a “pyramid.”  People call them “pyramids,” but in the cheerleading world they call it “building.”  Most likely because it takes several people to build up one person or a couple people to the top.  The girls or people on the very, very bottom are called the bases.  They are there as a stable, strong, base to everyone else.

Parallels with cheerleading and ministry: smiling, being up front, planning, doing a dance to keep people happy, build others up, be loud, get the word out, make what seems impossible possible, team mentality, and then look pretty/put together doing it.

I have been living in my new apartment for exactly 1 month.  That means I have been employed by Cove Church for a little over a month.  The volunteers are at the forefront of my mind as I think about what has stuck out to me the most that makes Cove special.

I simply love our volunteers.

I love the staff too. Don’t get me wrong.  We have fun as a staff.  We work hard.  However, the volunteers go above and beyond on all they do.  We do not have a lack of volunteers.  In that not only do we not lack in people wanting to serve, but also we have talented people serving.

Each series we do has a theme.  Last time the series was called “Lovesick,” which was based on dating and relationships.  The series we are doing now is called “the Battle Within,” which is based on temptation.  With each one of these series, we try and decorate to make the stage go along with it.  For example, for “Lovesick” we had a giant sweetheart box and Russell Stovers candy box.

Well, Darin, Lois, and I were thinking that we could make the stage into a boxing ring for “the Battle Within” series.  I am not extremely artistically inclined.  I am really good at envisioning, but not so much good at the whole gluing thing.  Therefore, I had an email sent out asking for volunteers.  Well, boy, oh, boy.  These 4 mom’s stepped up to the plate.  They came up with ways to make pads out of yoga mats and flag material!  I mean, nothing I could have come up with in a million years!  These ladies went to town!  They were painting, taping, spray painting, sowing, tying, sawing, hot gluing, and running all over the place.  All in all, the Wednesday before the series started, they had the project completed!  It looked fab-u-lous! I had a teen in our band tell me that he thought that we would be discussing “fighting fairly in relationships.” They all totally got it!  It just made what already was a good theme that much more polished and better!

Those mom’s cared.  That is one example of how the volunteers have stepped up to the plate.  As summer deadlines for mission trips, camps, and conferences are just around the corner…I am amazed at how these volunteers take off work to go spend vacation time with teens in the Appalachian Mountains or at a huge camp on the beach or at a youth ministry conference in Atlanta.  It is so nice to know that when you throw an idea out there you have people rallying around you to help make it happen.  It makes so much more possible if you have a base team ready to support you.

You know, if you are always up front or on top of the “pyramid” with out support,…you will fall. I have worked at several places, and not all places have a base.  Not all places have support.  I have parents coming to me right and left with ideas on how to enhance, do something new, etc at Cove.  So much more can be done when you have lots of people on base.  So many more bases can be covered. Literally.  So many more people can be reached.  So many better ideas.

Working with those crafty ladies made me think even more so about how we, as the body of Christ, are all players.  We all have a part to play.  It may mean cooking cookies for VBS or painting a yoga mat for a set or editing a flyer for a mission trip or taking the Dominos carriers back or instructing teens on how to segway between songs or speaking on a Sunday night or cleaning the toilets for the employees or greeting people at the door or donating a prom dress or whatever…take your place.  You have a base to hold down. Are you on your base?

My number one suggestions to anyone going into ministry is to after getting your phone, email, etc set up to start working on getting volunteers. Figure out, who’s on the base?  You can not do it alone.  You can not be the savior of the situation.  There may be someone else that is better equipped and called to take the base at cooking cookies for VBS than you.  It is ok. Let go. Let some other people serve.

God can be better lifted up when we are all on our bases.


God can be better lifted up when we are all on our bases.


2 thoughts on “Who’s on the Base?

    • carolinehare says:

      Well, I wasn’t saying there was a problem with not having volunteers…it is good to have all sorts of people involved. As the body we all serve in different ways using our gifts. The church I am working with does this so well, I was just trying to uplift the volunteers. I am sorry if I was not clear. I just want to encourage those who are not serving to serve because everyone is needed! 🙂

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