Go Big or Go Home

I had a roommate in college (Megan) that just pretty much told it like it was.  There were many little phrases that I learned from her.  I don’t really remember what caused this particular phrase to pop out of her mouth, but I do remember standing in the kitchen at 2110 Lincoln Drive in Abilene laughing loudly at her response to one of my stories.  She said, “Go BIG or Go Home!”

Well, since that day I have come to see myself as definitely a “go big or go home” type of person.  In other words, if you are going to do something…do it, and do it well, or don’t do it at all.

You can probably tell this by just about anything in my life.  My clothes…I try and buy quality structured pieces and add cheaper flashes.  My resume…I have worked at some pretty big places, and I have a hard time just participating….I like to plan and be in charge of major events.  My hair…I either fix it perfectly or it is all natur-al or in a hat. My relationships…I am all in until my trust is betrayed, then I am all out until you prove me otherwise.  If I want something I go for it.  My events…If I am in charge of a girls conference I will try my hardest to get the best worship leader to be there and the best speaker and the best logo to accent all of it.

Go big or go home.

This past weekend was a “go big or go home” weekend.  Thursday night was a Casting Crowns/Kutless/Caleb concert with the teens, where I worked the for the World Vision organization.  It was a blast!  Friday night was Open Well for Middle School.  We had girls there selling pickles for a dollar a piece because “Haiti is in a pickle” (haha get it?).  They were so thoughtful and good at advertising that they had raised $85 within the first 10 minutes!  We also had a bouncy boxing ring that went with our “Battle Within” series.  Saturday, we had Ester’s Closet where teen girls could come pick up prom dresses we collected for free.  The teen girls had dreamed this up and did such a good job.  Saturday night Darin and I went to Camp Sumatanga to visit the 4th and 5th graders at the “Big DoG’s” retreat.  We played games (one in which I ended up eating “dog food”), saw our student ministry band play, and listened to the speaker.  Then we returned home that night.  Sunday morning was like normal in that we had our two worship services for the teens.  Sunday night we had Overflow for high school that included the infamous bouncy boxing ring that rounded up our “Battle Within” series. It was a MAJOR hit! We also started a special series about the resurrection.

As you can see, it was a “go big or go home” weekend.  In order for me to make it to today, I had to put all of myself into what was going on and do all of it well.

In thinking about all this chaos that is my life…which I love by the way.  The only way I would be able to do my job is if I love it.  I do love it!  It is so fun going to concerts seeing teens get all excited to hear that song that changed their relationship with God.  It  gives me such joy to see 12 little middle school girls come up with a way to help those in Haiti by doing something as little as selling pickles.  I love that I get to go to Dollar General to pick out prizes for Open Well and buy flarp, because some little middle school boy will love it!  I love that some 16 year old girls wanted to make sure that all the girls in town could have a dress for prom and are willing to go through some trouble to make 8 or 10 girls feel like a princess.  I love that all I had to do to gain some respect of the upcoming 5th graders is eat “dog food ” when our battle of the sexes team lost.  I love that on Sunday morning the band that played at the retreat worked extra hard to get back to town in time for Sunday morning Liquid service, because they love it and what God says to them there.  I love that a bunch of high school boys can get in a giant bouncy boxing ring with giant gloves and pound each other a bit but be laughing the whole time.

Yeah, that is going big to me.

There is so much more to what I do than what I actually do.  Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is that I do.  I mean the students don’t come for me.  They come to hear God.  They come to be with each other. They do Ester’s closet because God touched their hearts to serve.  God pricked those teens hearts to want to give to Haiti.  It is so much bigger that my lesson or Darin’s lesson.  Going big is when the teens take something home, even if it was just a night to get away and punch out some of their ACT frustration.

That is what is beautiful about ministry. You can keep going big. You never have to “go home.”  There is always more to be done. More lives to be touched. More mouths to feed.  More mentoring to be done.

However, if you are going to do anything. Do it big. Do it with all your might. If you are in ministry or are volunteering…do it big. Do it well.  God can work through you…in little ways. In big ways.  In little ways that make a big different.  Don’t do anything if you don’t really mean what you do…just go home.  Don’t say you are a Christian if you are giving the rest of us a bad rap…go home or go big!

Go big or go home.


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