Up From the Grave He Arose

Jesus Painting

Easter Service

Last weekend was “cra cra” to say the least.

It was Easter.

The 2nd biggest day of the year for most people in ministry, right?

We had a dress rehearsal folks could attend Saturday night, 3 services Sunday morning in what we lovingly call “the mothership” (the main building), and 3 services in the Well (youth building).  We did a live simulcast of John speaking, and we had 2 live bands.

Our series that we kicked off was called “Sightings.”  It is about all the sightings of Jesus after the resurrection.

In planning for Easter, I was asked to be in one of the planning meetings.  While brain storming, I thought of one of my friends, Cash Teage. He is a “Jesus Painter.”  He paints large pictures of Jesus while services are going.  He, unlike most Jesus Painters, uses a black canvas to start with and fills in the white.  He also has them on a spinning axel so that he is painting the picture on it’s side sometimes or upside down…it is really unbelievable!  I posted a picture above.

In the midst of all the services, duties, family, and friends being there,…it was a great day.

Over lunch at my friends, the Jones, we were singing “He Arose,” which is an old hymn.  It has it where the men sing in a real deep Randy Travis voice, “Up from the grave he arose!” Then the women sing in high pitched voices, “He arose, he arose, he arose!”  We were kind of jokingly singing it at lunch.  My friend, Cash, said that his dad always thought that the words were, “Up from the gravy arose!”  Then we laughed some more about that.

Then the next night, I was at my friend Samantha’s house, and my friend talked about how they always sang that song at church (I think she grew up Catholic).  Nobody else besides me knew what song it was, so me and my friend started singing the whole thing with aaaallllllll the parts.  It was quite lovely.  Our other friends sat there in amazement and just kinda chuckled at us.

I make fun.  However, that song has had a great impact on my life. I remember my grandpa singing that at West End.  Is till get chills.  The song obviously had a deep impact on the Jones family, Cash’s family, Samantha’s, and mine!

I think the reason why I remember it was because the words in the chorus, “up from the grave He arose” were sang with such gusto and loudly.  I also remember the words following it…”with a mighty triumph ore His foes. He arose the victor from the dark domain, and He lives together with the saints who reign, He arose, He arose, Alleluia, Christ Arose!!!”

Those words. Are. Truth.

Truth in which to live, and truth in which to die.

I believe the great cloud of witnesses that sang it long before me for so many moons, sang that song with such gusto because….

It. Was. Truth.

It. Is. Truth.

It. Will. Be. Truth. Tomorrow.

Praise God, that up from the grave He arose.

Alleluia. Christ Arose.

We would have NO reason to celebrate life.  No reason to celebrate death. No reason to live for tomorrow.  No reason to have Easter egg hunts. No reason for Christmas. No reason to become free.

The day that He arose was also the day that we were set free. We have NO obligation to the sinful nature anymore.  One who knew no sin, overcame it. The enemy has been defeated. Death couldn’t hold Him down. He arose the victor.

Therefore, lift your voice in victory…make His praises loud.

If you don’t have any other story to tell people about your whole life…pick this one…

It begins with, “up from the grave He arose.”

Look at the face in the picture.  I mean, He did it all for you. Don’t you just want to sing with gusto and point to that picture singing, “up from the grave HE arose!”

He arose.



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