1 in a Million

I am sick of it.

I’m done.


Tired of hearing about it.


I have had a long standing ritual of watching the Today show as I get dressed most mornings.  Sometimes as I wake up, I will turn it on and just kind of wake up.  I like it because if there is any major news going on, I get it with out all the extra details… I also get the fashion, cooking, and psychology segments off and on again.  The last several weeks and months, there has been a pattern that I have noticed in the news segments.  Each time I hear one of these stories it truly makes me sick in my stomach.

I just hurt.

It breaks my heart.

The stories are about bullying.

I am so over it.

Week after week, I have heard stories of teens being put in the hospital on life support over a misunderstanding via text messages.  I have heard of teen girls beating other teen girls to a pulp because one was dating the others boyfriend…and the boyfriend was the cheater.  I heard of a teen forcing another teen to bring him money for a video game; he didn’t, so he lit him on fire.  This is not to mention the amounts of teen suicide that has gone on as of late due to bullying physically, as well as on social networking sites.

Really?  Really?

What makes anyone think it is OK to do ANY of this. Not OK at all.

I have kept hearing these things.  It has truly disturbed me.

The thing is, time and time again, I hear of “my teens,” the students I work with, being bullied.  High school boys putting numbers up as girls walk by to judge them.  Girls calling other girls sluts, skanks,  skluts, and sluks.  People writing demeaning things on other peoples cars and lockers.

Hurt boys and girls are bullies.  Bullies hurt people.  Hurt people hurt people.

I would like to claim that the hurt idea came solely from me, but Chap Clark’s book called “Hurt” has helped me understand these bullies.  Bullies truly are people hurting and taking their pain out on others.

Who gave them the authority to act and treat people this way?  I would love to meet the person and give them a piece of my mind.

However,  I don’t think it was any one person.

In fact, I could probably boil it down to a whole army. An army of unruly fallen angels.  Angels of darkness.

My main problem is that these teens become so hurt from being bullied that they just expect it.  Then when they are older or finally get whatever it is that the bully told them they needed, that is when those hurt teens hurt more teens.

Then those hurt teens grow up to be hurt people.

Where does the cycle end?

I think it ends here. Now. Not tomorrow. Today. Tonight. Now.

For such a time as NOW.

This is the time for you to stand up.

Be the 1 in a million that is willing to stand for what is right. Be the 1 in a million that gets help for yourself and chooses not to continue the cycle of hurting.  Be the 1 in a million that does not make fun of everyone else to make yourself look better.  Be the 1 in a million to not call that girl and ugly name.  Be the 1 in a million to give hope. Be the 1 senior class in a million to treat the freshman with respect because they are human beings and sons and daughters of the most high King.  Be the 1 in a million to stop the person from lighting someone on fire. Be the 1 in a million that will help that girl clean the words off of her car.

I bet Jesus even was 1 in million that was ready to take on sin…even though He had none.

1 in a million is all it takes.


2 thoughts on “1 in a Million

  1. standupagainstbullyingguy says:

    You are so right on. Thanks for writing such a powerful and compelling article.
    We should all be sick to death of this outrage.
    And we should all be willing to stand up against bullying.
    One way or another…
    just as you are doing by writing this amazing article.
    Thanks, Caroline!

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