Defying Gravity, Party in the USA, and Fist Pumping

Goliath, defying gravity major.

On Saturday, I took a petite road trip to Atlanta, Georgia to go to Six Flags.

I was invited by a small group of sophomore girls (Melissa Layne, Mackenzie, Leanza, Catherine, Allison, Hannah, and Devon).  Needless to say, it was a BLAST!!!  On Sunday mornings and Sunday nights it is often hard to have one on one time with the students and truly learn about them.  I always jump at opportunities like this when my schedule allows…it is so precious and valuable!

First off, I was amazed that we spent around 8 hours total in a car and about 7 more hours standing in lines together in the heat, and not once did I hear anyone arguing or gossiping!!  You may think this is not a big deal, but you are wrong.  That is a BIG deal…8 girls getting along for that many hours is just unheard of in general!  I was so impressed by these young ladies.

On the way to Atlanta, we were talking about how bizarre it is to really believe that we can defy gravity by being on a roller coaster!  I mean think about it.  It just seems sooo unnatural.  You wait in line for sometimes over an hour.  You get in a little buggy of sorts, with a single harness press, then the ride begins.  You let this thing called “Goliath” take you in a spanse of 4,480 feet going 70 miles per hour all 200 feet up in the air and then drop you back down all in 3.5 minutes.  Sounds crazy.  Defying gravity is simply not natural…what goes up must come down.  However, tons of people are thrilled to do this!  We all seek thrills. Excitement.  Something that makes us black out (maybe literally) from whatever is going on around us!

To add to the excitement (like they need it, not) of rides such as “Goliath” and “Batman,”  we thought it would be fun to do fist pumps while riding the roller coasters.    After all, fist pumping is a very “Cove” thing to do for the student ministry.  I tried to fist pump going upside down on Batman and ended up knocking myself in the face, do to the gravitational force, go figure.  Before each ride began, all 8 of us would be in our little seats fist pumping!  It just made it more fun.  It was a camaraderie thing.  I’m sure people were looking at us like we were nuts, but we were having fun and bringing a piece  of Cove to where we were.

Then as we were standing in line, one of the announcers started singing “Party in the USA.”  Of course, we all started singing along and putting our hands up and nodding our heads like yeah.  How can you not? Come on!

The thing is, these 3 little stories sound random.  However, they are not.  What was going on was fellowship.  Days like that are why I am in student ministry.  Those ministry moments happen right there in the car sitting side by side on the way somewhere to do something fun.  Bonding happens as you face life events, whether they are defying gravity on a roller coaster or family situations that you conquer or  jamming out to a random song or maybe even fist pumping on a roller coaster.

In life you have to have people that do it with you.  We weren’t meant to do life alone.  I am at my fullest when I am able to have fellowship with my King, my family, and my friends.  Fellowship is part of what makes you do what seems like the impossible.  You have support.  You know that if for some reason defying gravity doesn’t work then you have people going down with you.  You have support that you may look silly dancing to a Miley Cyrus song in a theme park, but then again you are not alone.  You have support knowing that you can raise your fist in victory as long as you have someone else  pumping their fist with you.

That is why we have friends, family, c-groups, life groups, service clubs, and sororities.  Get real.  We were made to do life together.  In fellowship.  With Him.  Then reflect your fellowship with Him as you do fellowship with others.

This week…defy gravity, sing a silly song in public, pump that fist, but don’t do it alone!


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