Balancing on the Bozo

After IMPACT was over, I skidattled out of town with friends to go float on the Tennessee River.  It was a nice relaxing time after a hard working week!

We did however fit in some time to work out one morning…

We took this class at the YMCA that had some exercises we did on the “bozo ball.” This involved balancing while standing on it and lifting weights.  That is a bozo ball—————->

You know, I did ballet for 13 years, cheerleading, taught gymnastics in high school…I used to be really good at balance.  Now is another story.  I hurt my knee snowskiing a few years ago, and for some reason I left my balance on that mountain along with my skis.

I am in the class balancing on the bozo ball trying to lift weights over my head, and my balance (or lack there of) got the best of me…I nearly fell over like a little toddler.  It was really odd feeling to feel like your feet were knocked out from under you by a bozo ball.  Even though I was not the best at the exercise I could still feel the results of these exercises a couple days later…

Sometimes, in my faith I feel like I am doing something as odd sounding and looking as balancing on a bozo ball.  I try something…It’s uncomfortable or awkward for me and others, but in the end you can still feel the healthy results days later.  For instance, have you ever had someone ask you to pray over them?  Have you ever considered praying right then?  It is incredibly awkward at first…but the thought behind it that someone wants to pray for you right then and there for your need lasts a while.

This week I kind of felt like I had a little whiplash.  I was back in the office.  I love my work, but when you have been on almost back to back mission trips spending time in communities with lots of people and ministering…it just feels weird being back at your desk.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you have to go in to go out.  If I am going to go out, I have got to go into His presence first.  If I am going to go on a mission trip, then I have to spend time in the office preparing the way in logistics.

It’s all about balance.

Both parts are needed. Balance.

On Tuesday night this week we had our small group leader training.  We were able to give out a calendar with themes for our upcoming trips, retreats, Open Well’s, and Overflows.  We took time to vision cast with our leaders. We took time explaining the methods behind our madness.  We took time to explain how we are going to build better community among our volunteers.  We took time hearing what the leaders love about student ministry.  The time was simply sweet.  It was so nice to spend time with our leaders in a different setting other than the hustle and bustle of Sunday morning. *Little plug–By the way, if you are a leader, we have another training session Monday night! 🙂  Balance.

Darin and I can’t just go into the fall blindly and charge full force to change lives….there has to be a balance.  We have to prepare.  Prepare our hearts.  Prepare materials.  Prepare our leaders.  Prepare a strategy.  Then…we can use all that to charge full force.

When we take time to go in and prepare, while it may be a process and maybe painful…you have longer lasting results.

Sunday, I will be spending some time talking with our high school students specifically about preparing their hearts for next week. We are going to a church camp called BIGSTUF Camps down in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I have posted the promo video below.  I want to encourage them to take some time preparing for camp.  Praying that God will speak to them.  Praying for God to strip away the things that need to be stripped away and for those to be clear to the eye.  Encouraging them to live a life in worship to our most high King not just a week.  To be ready to take home what they learned and for it to be a part of their lives forever not just 2 weeks.  It’s all about balance.

Even though some of them may feel awkward or uncomfortable with all that, the time they spend preparing will be longer lasting than any amount of exercises done on a bozo ball. 🙂

Which by the way, I retried the bozo ball at my gym this week…and it took me a little longer before I fell off it.  Annnnd I am less sore than before!!


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