Don’t Sweat The BigStuf

Tomorrow morning at 7 am two large charter buses will be rolling into the Cove Church parking lot ready to take 105 high school students and small group leaders to Panama City Beach, Florida for BigStuf!!!

Yesterday, as I sat hovering over rooming lists for a few hours trying to intricately not ruffle feathers…I realized…I really should not be sweating this trip.  I’m sorry if you don’t like your rooms–the Lord as well as several other witnesses know I tried.

The whole point of this trip is not about who we are rooming with or what color nike shorts you pack…this trip is about BigStuf.  It is about getting away to take some time to not sweat what seems like big stuff in our lives.  We are supposed to be focusing on the REAL BigStuf…that is God.  Hearing His voice.  That is truly the BigStuf.

Quit majoring in the minors and be ready to not sweat (well spiritually speaking) what seems like big stuff.  We have real BigStuf going on in our world…a God is that is bigger than you and me.  A God that is bigger than rooming lists–who knows He may want you to make a friend with someone new.

Get ready.  Pray.  There is going to be some BigStuf that I am sure He will reveal to you this week if your heart is prepared and ready to receive.

BigStuf. 🙂  I’m ready!


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