If You Play With Poo…

My sweet, business savvy, windshield cowboy, Church of Christ grandfather used to say, “If you play with poo (or another adjective), you get it on your hands.”

Over and over again, I have seen this to be true.  If you mess with something or someone that is essentially toxic poo then you get it on your hands.  It leaves a residue.  It rubs off on you.

My mom has quoted this to me many a time over the years.

Two times this week our high school students have gathered on high school campuses to pray over the school year.  We met on Sunday night at Huntsville High School, and tonight we met at Randolph High School.  As we were laying hands on the windows of “the commons” at Randolph tonight praying, I could not help but think about how so many times the people we sit with at lunch or that we hang out with in our spare time really do rub off on us.

Have you ever noticed you start to talk like your friends?  You might start calling things “little” or adding an “ie” or “y” to the end of words or maybe even start saying “fo sho” or “on the real.”  When those are tote not words you would normally say.

One of my favorite things that has rubbed off on me from friends is some of my club stuff from college with Kojies.  For instance, last week we had the Global Leadership Summit at church.  I walked in the mother-ship (ehem..I mean main worship space) and everything was decorated in brown and beige. Then I realized my outfit was brown and beige.  Brown and beige are formal Ko Jo Kai colors.  Another thing I’ve picked up from Kojies, if you ever see me exclaim over a squirrel the reason is because a squirrel named Daisy was our Kojie mascot.

I know all of that is silly, but we all do it!

All of those things are pretty trivial in the scheme of things.

However, tonight I was skimming channels and came upon the show “Kourtney and Kloe Take Miami.”  I know, real wholesome, right?  The show intrigues me.  Kourtney was all upset because her boyfriend and father of her son, Scott, had a drunken rage and was in the E.R. from busting his hand on a mirror.  Mature, right?  She was saying that he needed to get serious.  He had a baby.  Why won’t he act right?

I really should have more sympathy, but I couldn’t help but think…well, if he wasn’t being respectful, responsible, and mature on the front end of the relationship then why would you expect any different?  If it was ok for him to have drunken rages and get high before he had a baby then why are you surprised he’s still doing that?

If you play with poo…you get it on your hands.

Now she is stuck with poo on her hands in the form of a drunken enraged boyfriend that she has a baby with out of wedlock.

That, my friends, sucks.

If she had recognized early on that he did not hold the same character and beliefs as her then maybe she wouldn’t be in this mess.

As school starts, there are so many potential ways you can get poo on your hands.  Just stay away from it. Don’t play with it. Don’t even think about playing with it.  Are thoughts are where Satan starts. He takes those and helps you feel comfortable.  It’s just in your mind right? No biggie.  Then it becomes not so much a big deal if you step closer and closer to it in real life.

If your temptation is a person.  Don’t play with them…no really, flee!  If a certain person does things that tempt you…flee. Don’t get it on your hands!

This is a new school year.  A new month even.  We are only 10 days into the month.  Start anew.  Your mercies are made new every. single. morning. (Lamentations 3:22-23)  Start out with the end in mind.  How do you want to be in May? What is your next step?  Is there some form of poo that you don’t want on your hands?  You want to wash your hands of for good?  Do it!  You are a new creation! (2 Corinthians 5:17).   What can you decide to purge of right now that will help you get to that place you want to be in May?

If you play with poo…you get it on your hands.


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