Something Beautiful

School is officially back in session.

In some ways I am kinda bummed to see everyone go back to school because the relational side of ministry is more difficult.   On the other hand, having a routine can be nice at times.  So, this whole having a rhythm to the week thing works well for me after a fast and furious summer.

A couple Sunday’s ago we had our kick off Overflow for Liquid.  We had our Varsity Rafting Trip this past weekend, which Darin led.  Just around 40 people went rafting, and they came home exhausted yet exhilarated from the experience.  Sunday night we had our first C-Link…which we have 14 high school small groups now.  I am excited to see that some people signed up because there was a topic they were interested in, some for the wonderful leader they have, and others just to be with friends…whatever the reason, I am glad they did.  This Friday, we leave for Road Trip, our middle school retreat.  Right now we have a few bus loads of people going, 3 to be exact.  I am excited to see how God works in the lives of the 130 students that will be there.

I say all that to say, there is a lot of work that has gone into all those things.  And it is not just me, Darin, and Emily.  It takes a whole slew of people.  I love hearing from John, our Senior Pastor, how he overheard one of our small group leaders buying Bibles for some young men in the student ministry.  I love hearing another small group leader share the call she feels to pray fervently for another leader in need of support.  I love hearing about students that are including new people.  I love hearing that people in the community are raving about the children’s ministry and the corporate worship.  I love hearing that one of our leaders got a gazillion reminders from Emily, our youth assistant, to turn in their paperwork.  I love hearing from a caring member that they won’t take “no” for an answer…they know I need help.  I love hearing teens ask if they can come reorganize the music and clean the stage.

So cool.

The Student Ministry at Cove is at a neat place right now.  There is lots of energy and engagement going on in not just the middle school but the high school as well.  I think there is a yearning going on to go deeper.  Multiple times this month, I have stopped myself in the middle of an event or service and had to enjoy the moment.  The spirit of God.  The spirit of the group.  The energy.  The all together goal and purpose being lifted up.

It is just sweet.

Maybe even beautiful.

All of those things thrown together is something beautiful.

I can’t imagine not wanting to be a part of something beautiful.

Our theme for Road Trip this weekend is “Something Beautiful.”  It was originally from the song by Need To Breathe.  The video of them singing it is below.  As we were brainstorming about it we chose Philippians 4:8 as our overarching theme verse.  The other verse we will be taking time to dive into are Genesis 1:27, Ecclesiasties 3:11, Isaiah 52:7 & Romans 10:15.  We will also have games, skits, videos, worship, the zip line, climbing wall, rock slide, swimming, and a bonfire.  I am excited to see how God works to develop us into something beautiful individually as well as in a whole group as His body.

Please be in prayer for our group this weekend.  For safety, but for also us to have wreck-less abandon in surrendering to God!


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