Shifting Into Fall

It’s fall!!!!

This is my all time FAVORITE season!  Seasons show that there is a specific change in things.  Even though fall is much about things on the earth dying, it just goes to show how great our God is as He makes even death beautiful…

These are a few of my favorite things about fall…

Taken at Belle Meade Mansion in Nashville

Leaves changing colors,..which I get to enjoy this year since I now live where there are actual seasons! Whoohoo!

I can switch on my “fall mix” on my ipod, which has the essential sounds of fall: Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Colbie Callait, & John Mayer, as if you didn’t know!

Roll Tide!

Football season is in gear..ehem..RTR!


Pumpkin Spice Late’s are back on sale at Starbucks. Yum!

Marc Jacobs

Fashion week in New York–this season camel colors and leopard print are “in” if you didn’t know, but leopard print never went out for me!

Yes, I'm in the church office.

I usually get my hair cut, which I did last week.  The mission trips and retreats are over for the student ministry.  I don’t need my pony tail!  Also, it’s not humid anymore!

"Haute Chocolate"

Chocolate colored nail polish becomes a staple again.

& so began a love of reading...

I usually reread one of my favorite fiction books from the series “A Woman of Substance” by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  I started rereading this on Saturday. 🙂

Need I say more???

As I have thought about the seasons changing and there being a shift in activities, there are truly seasons in life that are definite shifts, even though they may not go on a seasonal calender.  Some seasons are joy filled & full of good expectations!  Some are nervous seasons when you are worried about a job or money.  Some are seasons of realizing that life is fatal…we are not going to live forever and neither are our friends or family.  Some are seasons of growth, where you are slightly uncomfortable but understand it’s necessary for the next step.  Some are seasons  of rest and stillness where things are calm.  Some are seasons of busyness where you are going and doing.  Some are seasons of pain.  Some seasons you are seeing harvest from what you have sown.

You get the picture.

The truth of the matter is that even though things may be shifting, God is still God. He doesn’t change.  You always have a reason to worship.  A reason to keep going.  He has said that He will never leave or forsake you even though you may feel like you are alone or forsaken.  God is on your team.  He has said that you are MORE than a conqueror.  Not only a conqueror but a co-heir with Christ, a royal priesthood.  Appointed to do good in the name of Jesus.

The other night I was listening to some music and having some time with my Jesus, and a song that I truly love called “Desert Song” came on my ipod.  It made me think about all the different seasons I have been through in my short 24 years of life, and how I will probably go through several more rounds of those different seasons.  However, in every single one, God is still God, and He was always at work even when I didn’t realize it.  I have posted it below.


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