Chosen Generation

I would say that I am speechless, but here I am writing…haha

If you had to single out 1 holiday in the year that was a “dark” holiday, most people would choose Halloween.  My upbringing being Church of Christ, we did not really celebrate Halloween…ok, we had “Fall Festivals” and “Trunk or Treat,” which are basically Halloween parties or festivals disguised with different names. Truth.

What I am almost speechless about, is that last night, we had Open Well that was themed accordingly with this weekend being Halloween.  On a weekend that would normally be known as dark, we had a great amount of light being shown.

As I stood at the side of the stage and watched over 200 middle schoolers worship our God, I could not help but think how Satan and darkness should be trembling.  On a holiday weekend of darkness, we were fairly close to breaking fire code for Jesus.


Pumpkin Decorating...Yes I'm the one on stage dressed as Paula Dean


I can not tell you how much lately I have been thinking about this next generation.  Yes, I know it is kinda my job to think about them, but I know in my knower that these students need to be empowered by the elder generation to know that they are a chosen generation.  One that can make darkness tremble by lifting up the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  While I know that they are facing struggles that some of us never would have dreamed of, I also know that their overcoming those struggles are nothing short of God working and shining in the darkness.

No amount of decorating, planning, or practicing will change the sheer truth that God is the one to whom it is all for in the end.  Glory to God forever.  I truly hope that there were some students at The Well last night ready to drink in every bit of real truth that their is, and that they will come back wanting to know more about this Jesus of which we talked.


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