Boiling Point

If you place a frog in boiling water, the frog will certainly jump out immediately.  However, if you place a frog in cold water on a stove and gradually turn up the heat, the frog will not notice and surly cook to death.

I promise…I haven’t tried this at home or anything.  In fact, I try to stay away from the kitchen.  I heard this from one of my professors at ACU, Robert Oglesby.

There is nothing more irritating to me than people that are not the same everywhere and with everyone.

So many times I have students, parents, and friends come to me with this complaint, or I personally see this.  I hear of students who act this way at the Homecoming dance, but then are on every youth trip.  Then I hear of people that say they believe that Christ is for all and everyone should be His ambassadors, but then they won’t give everyone a fair chance of doing just that.  Even prayer requests can become a way to gossip.  Some want to go on overseas mission trips, but we can’t find enough people to service in the C.A.R.E. Center Christmas Store. We get more excited about a football game than we do about God.   Sometimes we focus on karma, luck, and knocking on wood more than tapping into our promises, blessings, and giving Him the glory.  Moreover, I often hear of people that say they believe the Bible and the teachings in it, but act as if they are exceptions to a couple of things in there…so they are ok to keep doing whatever it is.  Let’s even poke some fun of something I struggle with, I say that being in the word is important, but I justify my not spending as much time there because I have to be in it to teach it.

Francis Chan spends a lot of his time talking about this thing called “lukewarm Christians.”   I don’t really think anybody wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I am going to say one thing and do the opposite.”  I really don’t.  We are all guilty of it at one time or another.  I think a lot of times it just kinda happens like the frog.  We start something and then the heat keeps getting cranked up and sooner or later we are boiling in our own mess and completely enslaved to it.  It is not on purpose.  It is easy for me to look at marijuana and say, “Yeah, no thanks.” Essentially jumping away from boiling water.  However, if a loved one or friend used it then it would become easy for me to be around the substance, then know the terminology, then pass the bag over to the friend, then go with them to get some,…slippery slope.  You don’t just wake up pregnant.  There were several steps that happened to get there.  You don’t just end up with DUI.  There are several notches of the heat being turned up that had to happen…etc.

In Romans 6, it talks extensively about being slaves to sin and the flesh.  However, in verse 18 it talks about becoming slaves to righteousness.  This refers back to John 8 where Jesus is discussing being slaves to sin  and how slaves don’t stay with their owner forever.  However, a son can live in a house of their father forever.  It goes on to say in verse 36 how if that son sets you free, then you are truly free indeed!  Well, thankfully, we do have a Son who has set us free indeed.  We don’t have to be enslaved anymore!  How great is that??!! We have all the tools we need.  We have the power to not let ourselves even be placed in the pot on the stove. We are free indeed.  Nothing can change that.  The only thing we need to do is declare Him as the Lord over our lives.

There is something infinitely different in knowing the Jesus who saves you, and the one who is Lord of your life.  Your savior sets you free.  Your Lord reigns in and through you and your life as head.  Both are so needed to understand the deep love that He has for us.

Is there something in your life that the heat keeps getting cranked up?

How do you know?  Maybe a friend mentions it?  Maybe the preacher talks about it?  Maybe it isn’t even lawful?  Those are the red flags that keep you from getting to a boiling point.


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