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Back in August, I had just finished Priscilla Shirer’s book, One in a Million.  I mentioned how I had asked my mom for tickets to the Deeper Still Conference for my Birthday…

Well, the conference was this past weekend, and it did not disappoint.  Kay Arther, Kelly Minter, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Travis Cottrell, David Platt, and 14,000 women rocked the house in the name of Jesus down in Birmingham, Alabama!  The theme was, as you can guess, that we need to go deeper still.

My initial response to the whole thing was, “Man I hope nobody lights a match, because we have a whole lotta hair spray up in the arena!”  As the first talk was given by Kay Arther, I could not help but be amazed as this 77 year old woman pranced around the arena in her heels, with her Bible in hand, and covered chapters 1-28 of Matthew in an hour and a half.  I hope I have half that stamina when I am 77…shoot, I hope to have that much stamina now!

As always when I attend conferences, I have laid out my notes below.  Enjoy!

Kay Arther:

-We are inadequately prepared.

-310 Million People in America

-9 out of 10 people say they believe in “God”

-3 out of 4 people claim to be “Christian”

-7% of the 310 million are evangelical (lasting change)

-96% of Birmingham says they are Christians

-Birmingham has the highest church attendance on Sunday mornings in the whole nation.

-The true majority doesn’t know what real Christianity is.

Kay Arther

-All I wanted was for me to be happy.

-Matthew 1 was spoken after 400 years of silence from God.

4 Truths:

1- Who is the Christ & His call?

– Do we really know Him?

2- Cost of the cross

3- Gain vs. loss vs. rewards with Jesus

4- Commission

-We would obey and say “yes sir” to our commander general.

Messiah- the Christ

-Mt. 1:21- Joshua/Jesuah- He saves

-Commit to sin- slave to sin

-Commit to son- free indeed!

-Power to say no to sin

-Mt. 1:23- Immanuel- God with us

-He’s in you

– Holy Spirit takes residence

– The hope of glory

-1 Cor. 6- body is temple

-No Christ in you—-> then you haven’t experienced the gospel of Jesus Christ

-Malachai 3- Messenger

-Mt. 3:1-2

-Repent- Change of mind—->causes change of direction

-Prepare your paths

-What are you doing with your time? Money? As a single gal? Hop in and out of bed?

-Prepare your paths

-Mt. 3:6-10

-Rev. 15 & 16

– Ax is being laid at root of the USA

-“In God We Trust”- you hypocrites, no you don’t really trust.

-Proclaiming the truth of God

-Sin is a reproach to any people

-Trees are individuals

-Isaiah 66

-Mt. 3:16-17

-Mt. 4:17

– New economy- Kingdom of Heaven

-You do not add Jesus to your life.

-Jesus is not salt and pepper used to season life.

-Embracing Jesus & truths—>you make adjustments

-Jesus is your life, not just a part of your life.

-Jesus is not an accessory; He’s the son of God.

-True repentance means He becomes your life.

-Mt. 5:20

-Mt. 5:46-48- Perfect- Complete/mature

-People see you don’t live like everyone else.

-Mt. 6:1-2

-Mt. 6:19-24- How much stuff do you have?

-Nation of great consumers.

-Mt. 7:20-29- By their fruit…

-Do you have a genuine faith?  It’s only genuine if it’s in accordance to the word of God.

-Mt. 10:22

-Are you willing to be hated for the sake of Jesus Christ?

-Will you step out and continue to worship God?

-Will you allow your passion to impact your life?

-Mt. 10:34- Sword- to pierce darkness

-Peace with whom God is well pleased.

-He will level every other kingdom of man.

-Mt. 10:36-39- You loose your life and embrace Christ who’s your life.

-Mt. 16:24-27

-Christians are after own benefits

1- Deny Self

2- Take up Cross

3- Follow

-Not a disciple—> then not a child of God

-Mt. 19:16-22

-vs. 21- embrace culture over word of God then you are bowing to other gods.

-You can’t out give God. Mt. 19:29

-Mt. 5:10

-If I live- praise the Lord

-If I die- praise the Lord

-Mt. 6:1- Settling of accounts

-Mt. 25:14, 19

-We live between 1st and 2nd coming.

-2 Cor. 5:10

-2 John 5:9

-Rev. 11:18

-Rev. 22:12

-Mt. 28:18-20

-Incarnation- in the flesh

-Not the savior by the messenger

-Observe- do/obey

(L to R) Beth Moore, Kay Arther, & Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer:

-James 2- faith with out works-useless & dead

-8,000 promises in the Bible to believers

-God placed them with in our reach

-Faith place- Abe- went someplace he didn’t know; Esther- pleaded with out consequence; Jonah- 5 word message.

-2 Kings 13:14

-2 Kings 13:15

-Work with what you have

-What do we have at our disposal?

-Are we so busy thinking about what we don’t have that we are missing what we do have?

-5 loaves & 2 fish

-bows & arrows

-2 Kings 13:16

-Elisha’s hand represents the hand of God

-Submit it to the Lord…He promises that He will sanctify it & put His hand on it.

-Couldn’t happen until the King picked it up & was in position.

-When 1 person is radically obedient to God it can change things.

-When God lays His hand on it supernatural results happen.

-1 Chron. 16:9

1- Heard from prophet from God

-Heard a word

-Respond in obedience

-Know He will sanctify it with His favor

-God can take a message & divide it 14,000 times to speak to each one of us.

-You can always count on His word- a specific word or verse that He will direct you to and speak through.

-2 Chron. 20:12

-Position yourself where the God margin can step in.

-He loves for His people to see Him work.

-Do your friends sit in the gap for you?

-Wild Women of Faith

-Mooch off their high speed faith

-not more faith than you

-but same kind of faith

-2 Kings 13:17- East- direction of enemy-face the problem

-2 Kings 13:18-19- 3 victories, 3 strikes

-Ephesians 3:20-21

-Take everything you’ve got.

-2 Cor. 12- Weak, I’m strong

-Mk. 6- Couldn’t work because of their doubt.

-“Sisterhood of the empty quiver.”

-“We believe little because we’ve seen little.  We have seen little because we believe little.” -Beth Moore

-1 Peter

-Mt. 6:1

-Jeremiah 1:5

Beth Moore

Beth Moore:

-Luke 2 (MSG)

-Luke 2:19- Treasure something

-Luke 2:49-52

-Treasure- worthy to be pondered

-“Treasured up”- syntereo in Greek: to hold, to protect it, to guard it, to preserve it

-God calls us treasure: Ex. 19:5; Deut. 7; Deut. 26:18; Gen. 37:10-11

1- There are treasures out there!

-God planted them

-Luke 2:18- amazed vs. treasure

-Luke 2:19 & 51- “but Mary” did something different

2- They’re not mine until they make it past my defenses.

-Mt. 6:20-21

-Treasure- emotional & tied to the heart

-“Birging”- basking in reflected glory. Ex: “If my team wins…so do I!”

3- Treasures strung together can bring healing.

-Luke 2:19—->Pondered- to throw things together

-Luke 2:50—->Understand- “suniemi” in Greek: comprehending activity; assembling individual facts into an organized whole.

-Mt. 13:15- Understand brings healing

-Rom. 8:28- If you can get a “few” pieces of the puzzle then you know He’s got the rest of the pieces.

-If we never learn to treasure, then all we have is what’s obvious.

-We can live with pain easier than you can live with purposelessness.

-Luke 2:21-35

4- Our treasure gets lost in the same trash as our time.

-It takes time to treasure.

-Margin- Space that once existed between us and our limits.

-Only to a point

-It takes time to think beyond the obvious.

-No margin—-> No treasure

5-We’ll miss our most expensive treasure if we look past the hardship and pain.

-Treasure is not just a great time.

-Isaiah 45:3

-Luke 2:34-35

-Risks of heart

-When what pierces them, pierces your soul too

-When you are in the backseat of the collision

-Re-look at the barren fields & see if there actually were treasures.

-We store up so many offenses that our storage unit is full, & there’s no room for treasure.

-2 Kings 24:13—-> Captivity- Enemy carries away treasures, even ones of a dark season.

-Luke 2:41-52- In their company (Caravan; traveling party; did we loose him in the party?)

6- When you feel like you’ve lost the treasure, look for Jesus.

-He’s got it.

-Luke 2:47

-He has the missing pieces of the puzzle–and He’s had it since age 12—->& until then we walk by faith, not by sight.

Go Deeper Still


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