On the real…

While I was sort of “iced in” on Wednesday, I had some time to catch up on some of Creflo Dollar’s sermons.  Here are some of my notes from the sermon that really struck a chord with me.  I hope this is helpful!  This guy tells it like it is, and he truly makes you want to say, “on the real…” He is the real deal.

Ways Satan Contains People:

1- Ignorance

2- Deception- Deception tends to make people to find themselves limited.

What sets you free? When you continue in the truth that you know, then you know freedom.  Until the truth of God’s word becomes alive, you don’t know reality.

God is not a jennie, and the Bible is not a lamp.

3-Distraction- Satan uses intrusion of the mind to cause confusion and break consistency.  Consistency is the key to breakthrough.  We have the authority to bind and loose.  Consistency of a drop on a stones can cause a stone to wear down.  Consistency with God can be so intense that the enemy will run away.  To be consistent, you must have the right motive.  You have to have something greater than yourself to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in life.

Why are the things of the flesh so much easier than the things of the spirit?  Because we haven’t been consistent enough to know the greatness the kingdom offers you.

The only way people know that our God is real is by what they see coming out of our lives.

On the real…

The prescence of God isn’t based off of one song in church.  We don’t have to work up the spirit.  We should be so filled with the prescence of God that Satan should not even think about coming into this house of worship.

I am not ashamed of the gospel. What you do in private determines our public display.  We come into church to learn so we can leave ready to execute.  What good is the learning if there is no executing?

Don’t think like mere men or women, you have been given authority.

Ephesians 3:1-18

Isaiah 11


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