Change is the Constant

It’s a new year!!!  With the new year, whether we like it or not there are new things.  Change.  There are several things that I plan on working on this year.  One is my health…Over all health. Physcial, emotional, spiritual, mental,…all of it.  I feel like health is a lot about balance.  Getting just what you need.  Not exactly what you want, but what you need.

In the words of my friend (I wish) Joyce Meyer, ” The only thing that is constant is change.  I believe that anything that is not changing is actually in the process of dying.  So change-especially God-ordained- is good.”

If you are in the student ministry at Cove or just go to Cove in general, then you have probably heard that there is some change going on in our department.  Darin will be switching to the Adult Ministries Pastor position on March 1st.  I found out about this 3 or 4 weeks ago.  I want to thank all the parents, small group leaders, volunteers, and such for all your sweet emails, calls, & words of encouragement this week.  It is so nice to know that our team is a team, and that the main goal is to make disciples of Christ with in our student ministry no matter who is in charge, because ultimately, God really is! 🙂  Boy, am I glad for that!

During Christmas break, I was doing one of my favorite things, reading (surprising, I know).  I read the book The Shack for the 1st time.  When it first came out, there was such a buzz about it.  I kind of resent and am apprehensive about things that have a big buzz–hence the reason why I am just now reading it.  It is truly a thought provoking book, and I recommend anyone read it!

Also, about a month ago, I really felt like God placed on my heart that I needed to start an in depth study of the book of Matthew.  I am absolutely loving it!  That is what is so wonderful about the word; no matter how many times you read it God can give you fresh insight and make it come alive in a new way.  I am crawling my way through this book.  I only read a little bit every day.  When reading the word, I read until I get a word for that day.  Or perhaps if it is something I really need to chew on then I may reflect on that thought or word for a few days.

(I promise this all connects…hang with me…)

Well, as I was reading The Shack, a certain part of the book just jumped right out at me, and it is related to a story in Matthew 14.  In Matthew 14, the story of Peter walking on water is so fascinating.  I mean really, here is Jesus ho-hum walking on the water to come meet the disciples who are already out at sea.  As the disciples see Him walking, they think it’s a ghost and start to kinda flip.  Then, I think as a test, Peter says, “call me out to you if you really are Jesus!”  Oh, wrong move Peter-pumpkin-eater, challenging Jesus!  So of course, Jesus says, come on out here.  Peter has to complete his own dare at this point.

Then as he steps onto the water you can almost feel the panic start to rise with in him…here is where I loved some of the thoughts from The Shack about this story.  Taking from the book, I bet these were some of his thoughts or imaginations:

“Will my feet get wet?”

“Why is this so hard?”

“What if I fall in?”

“I am afraid of looking like an idiot!”

“Can I keep my balance with the waves?”

Eventually, the word says that “he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid…”  He began to fear.  He was so afraid to let completely go of that boat and stand on the water that the man standing next to him made.  So, he started to sink.

**Sidenote: Another book I would recommend is John Ortberg’s If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat.

Much of faith is believing in the unseen.  When things don’t look like they are going to work out, your faith in the unseen evidence always pulls through.  Jesus was full of the word “unlikely.”  So many of the situations from His birth to His healing powers to His walking on water were extraordinary and unlikely events.  I like to think that God likes to work through the unlikely…He shines so much brighter.  When circumstances are unlikely, it is all the more evident that God was right there, and usually it calls us to come right back and worship our unlikely Savior.

Tomorrow, I am giving my testimony in Cross Roads and Liquid.  I have given my testimony many many times to men and women, to teen girls, to women’s groups, in chapel at college,…Over break, I was telling my dad how I was anxious to talk about some of the things that me and him have walked through in our relationship at this time.  I feel like a lot of healing has happened.  I also shared with Devry, one of my co-workers and volunteers, my thoughts on this.  There has been so many situations in my life where it has been unlikely…but then God stepped in and did something wonderful that had His fingerprints all over it.

You know, right now, if making changes for me personally means for me to drag my boo-tay out of bed before work and hop on an elliptical machine and watch Creflo Dollar is what it takes, then so be it.  I know that the student ministry changes will be happening, but I also know that the waves I stand on are the ones that were made by the one standing next to me, and that is my unlikely savior.

So, there is no need for fear, change is not always a bad thing.  Especially, when God initiates it.

Change is the constant.



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