Considering the Birds

As I have been rather busy, I am understanding that a full day “off” may not be something I can do right now.  So, I have been figuring out other ways to have “off ” time and keep balance.  I am learning that sometimes all it takes is 15 minutes of stillness, putting my cell phone down (and on silent) & my computer away  can really be just as effective as a whole day “off.”

I had the opportunity to spend some quiet time at a friends house this week.  As I sat on their “balcony” of sorts that overlooked a pond, I looked at my watch and thought, “Ok, now. Caroline, you are going to be still and listen and not work for 15 minutes before you have to leave for the next activity.” As I ignored a phone call and text message I received just then, I began to think about how many notifications I have on my phone between the email noise or buzz, twitter, facebook, glamour magazine, words with friends, text messages, calendar alerts, student ministry twitter, and not to mention phone calls (imagine that? on a phone?)…the list goes on.  I began to wonder how many times in an hour is my train of thought is distracted from my real task at hand due to all my “helpful” notifications.

Suddenly,…I heard something. No, it wasn’t my phone this time.

Can you imagine what I heard?


Birds chirping.

Ok, not a big deal.

But really, how many times do you just sit and listen to one of God’s creatures chirp (and I don’t mean tweet or talk)?  Then I started looking for the birds of which were chirping.  There they were, everywhere.  Right in front of my face.  2 birds were chasing each other around a tree.  One was hopping along (not really birdlike if you ask me) on the grass, possibly looking for a worm.

Then, my phone vibrated again. I couldn’t help but think, “whatever it is,…I don’t need to worry.  Considering the birds…They hop along and eat and play,…surely, I have no need to worry. 15 minutes I can seriously go with out being ‘needed’.  “ I was reminded about Matthew 6.  I am so glad I got that 15 minutes to simply consider the birds.

I told my friend at C-Group that night how God was giving me little slots of time to really soak in His presence and be still.  How I was even still enough that afternoon to consider the birds,…and even hear them chirp over my phone.

The video below has absolutely nothing to do with birds or worrying…I just love this song, and I want our youth band to learn it soon. Enjoy!


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