Come As You Are

Last weekendish, I set out on a trip to Destin, Florida with 6 other girls!  It was a complete blast!  Our group of girls get together just about every Monday night to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette (yes, I know, save the wise cracks) to watch it together and just hang out.  It truly is a great community of girls.  We all pretty much get along, we talk about work, friends, family, boyfriends/husbands (sorry guys), and girl stuff.  Our trip to the beach pretty much was an extended Monday night.  We stopped a gazillion times (ok maybe just 4 times) to go tinkle, went to the grocery, loaded into the condo, threw on our swimsuits, and hit the beach with our bose.  At one point it was pointed out that me and Kalifeh were reading the same magazine sitting next to each other.

Me & Kalifeh reading our Glamour

Special thanks to Leah and her mom for letting us use the condo and her mom for cooking for us while we were down there! 🙂  It was a blast.  On the last night, we were at Leah’s parents house eating dinner.  Leah and Samantha had to leave that night…so all of us got together for a big group hug.  Samantha made a statement that was so very true of our group of girls.  She said, “What I love about our group is you just come as you are.”  She was referring to everything from shorts and a t-shirt to work clothes to being excited to being wrecked over something,…it doesn’t really matter.  Just come as you are.  Because you will be accepted.  I absolutely love that I have a group of friends that allow me to just come as I am.  Everyone should have at least a few people they can do that with regularly.  Thankfully, I have at least 6 right here in my city.  God was preparing a way for me waaaay before I came to Huntsville.

The day after I got home from Florida, I made a little trip to Birmingham to an event called the Basement.  It, again, was a great reminder of being the people in my life who are seeking the Lord.

Me & Marcie

Also, I loved the experience.  I have toiled quite a bit as to how to do Open Well this coming year due to the way it has grown but also allow it to grow more. The Basement confirmed some of the things I already felt God had placed on my heart to do concerning that outreach event.  Love when He just goes ahead and lays it out there for you!  I will definitely be going back when my schedule allows.

As God has been revealing to me the awesome people that surround me, I am happy to say that this week my new boss moved to town!!!  YAYYYY!!!! I am so excited that Kyle is here.  Just his being a few miles away, even though he’s not in the office yet, I feel a burden lifted that the whole student ministry and at Chase’s campus is not laying to heavily on my back.  I am so excited to be able to work with him and help refine the ministry that the Lord has placed in our hands to be stewards of at this time!

Furthermore, I am so very stoked about our Montana Mission Trip with Liquid!!! We leave in 7 short days.  We will be gone June 12-18.  I will be back at church on the 19th for those who wonder.  I am so excited to see what the Lord does through this group and this trip.  There was a student who had been wanting to go pretty badly, but couldn’t.  We had someone drop out, and now that student can go,…God is in the details people!  We will be building a youth and children’s camp on the Blackfeet Native American Reservation.  We will have a chance to feed some of the students who will be attending that camp at lunch times.  Also, on our free day we will be going on a boat ride through Glacier National Park to see glaciers.  We will also do a little hike to some waterfalls!   Please be in prayer over our work on the reservation, the 28 people going, and me, Chris, and Nicole who are leading the group!

All in all, I think what the Lord has been teaching me the most through this transition at work and everything else, is to come to the thrown of grace just as I am.  Admit I can’t do it on my own power and might.  Ask Him to reveal to me what I need to know and bless it all to be done unto the Lord!  You gotta come as you are.  It makes it so much easier to see Him when you dee that you aren’t big enough for the task and He can shine shine shine! 🙂



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