4 months, 5 states, 9 Trips, 10 cities

Needless to say, the last 4 months have just sort of flown!  I know summer is the time when you are truly supposed to take a break and slow down, and even though I was on the go a lot, I was still able to slow down on some of those trips!

A few highlights of the summer include,…

The Basement, a youth service held once a month in Birmingham, AL led by Matt Pitt.


A beach trip with my friends!

Destin, FL

Montana Mission Trip...this was our worksite.

It was reeeeeaaaallly cold! I went into a gas station like this, and I think they thought I was the unabomber...whoops

We hiked to a glacier waterfall in Glacier National Park...That lump at my midsection is gloves not fat...I promise. 🙂

2 days later I went to the NKOTBSB Concert with my friend Samantha!

They were RIGHT THERE!!! And, may I just say, Nick Carter has still got it! First loves never die...

I went on a relaxing beach trip with my mom to PCB, FL 🙂

BigStuf Camps with all 137 of us...we really Konnekted

Visited with Dad

You get the pictures…it was a busy summer.

The whole reason I started this blog some 2 years ago was to be able to communicate with friends, family, and past youth groupies about what God is doing in my life and teaching me as I try to do this thing called ministry that I was called to do.  I am going to try to recommit to doing that.

Some things that the Lord has taught me this summer…

-When you don’t understand the situation you find yourself in family, finances, job situation, friends, relationships,…whatever…to not make any sudden movements. Being Still and knowing that He is God has become something that I have in some ways had to painfully come to understand.  My go and do personality does not like to be still and wait.  But, when He says the word, you must be obedient to it.  Otherwise you are doing something with out His blessing.  And I. Do not. Want to do. Anything.  With out Him laying His hands on it.

-Things are not always as they seem.  I have been splashed with cold water in some ways as I have had to witness so many playing the horse and pony show thing.  There are always things going on behind the scenes and under the surface.  As much as I love to talk, I have somehow taken on a new role of listener.  The Lord has taught me that I am not the only one who doesn’t have it all together, and that we are all a work in progress.

-Living in fear is dumb.  You must enjoy this life.  You can not spend time worrying about what others think of you or out of fear of a person or thing.  Then the person or thing is controlling your life,…and I don’t know about you, but I don’t even want to be in control of my life; I want someone greater than little ol’me in control of it.  I am given so many opportunities to do fun things, and I am embracing it.  I might as well just ride the waves and learn as I go.  I would hate to miss out on something just out of fear or being tired.  The Lord can teach you so much as you meet new people and see new places.



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