Forward 2!

For whatever reason, I have always been afraid to go White Water Rafting.  1 time at church camp…(haha punny I know) a guy fell out of his canoe, and another canoe rammed into him and he got his leg stuck between the 2 canoes,…and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.  I think at that point I decided I wanted to respect the nature of water and the power that is with in it.  So, I have turned down a few opportunities to go rafting since then.

This weekend, however, I went with our Juniors and Seniors on a trip to play paintball, raft the Hiwasee, and then we rafted the Ocoee.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I would totally do it again!  I knew that if I was with students I wouldn’t flake out.  I didn’t take any pictures, because, well, I have  a new camera, and I was not about to mess it up at any of the festivities!

We played paintball for a couple hours.  I did well with that one.  However, at one point I was ganged up on and got shot in like 4 places at once and then I was done and done.  I think it more startled me than anything.  I do have some bruises, but mine aren’t near as bad as others on the trip.

Rafting the Hiwasee was good.  It was a really easy ride because the rapids are small.  My raft let everyone go ahead of us so we could round up the rear and help people.  One of our girls boats was hilarious (I will leave them nameless)…they got stuck, ran over 2 members in their group with their raft, ran into a tree, knocked a member in the face causing a nose bleed…as much is we maybe should of been concerned, my raft was laughing hysterically at those girls trying to get down the easy river.

The Ocoee was great!  To be quite honest, I had prepared myself for a rafting experience like this:

The experience we had was more like this…

So I was ok… 🙂

I was processing on the way home yesterday, and one thing that kept coming to mind was the whole flow of things. I was thinking how some of the rapids that looked like beasts and kinda scary were the easiest.  I kept wondering, why was that?  We seemed to just flow over those, yeah, we got a little wet in the process, but it was pretty expected and even fun.  Then my thoughts went right to our guide.

My raft’s guide was the epitome of a mountain man.  Which is just what I want when I am flying down rapids. Who better to have with you than the guy who looks like he lives there, right?  He was so excited.  As we were going down one rapid, there was a rock to our left.  He jumped off the raft onto the rock and into the front of our raft.  I am truly glad I didn’t see him starting that process, or I would of probably freaked!  He was having so much fun.  Then the next moment, he would be giving instruction, “forward 2, right forward, left back, go, go, go!”  You get the picture.

I began to realize that the reason the rapids seemed fun and easy were because of him.  He knew that we needed to enter the rapid from the left and the front of our raft needed to be pointed right in order for us not to get stuck on the rock at the bottom of Table Saw. Even with all his knowledge, it would of been no good if we didn’t obey his commands.  We wouldn’t of gotten to see him flip into the front of our raft if we had not listened to get him close to the rock to jump off of to begin with, right?

Last night at high school small groups, one group was talking about tithing.  We were studying from Matthew 6:19-21 and Proverbs 3:9-19.  As we were talking about tithing, we were discussing having an attitude of obedience to God even when it doesn’t make sense.  My life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6, and it’s just before one we were discussing.  It says, “Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” I began to think about how some of the things in my life that have looked like the most difficult of things, were truly quite easy.  Again, I may of gotten a little splashed in the face, but over all it was easy.  In those things that I can see ahead that will be difficult, it’s been easy because I have always known, ok maybe not always, but I have learned the hard way that I must be obedient.  Truly, the last thing I want is to be up a creek with out a paddle or guide.  So you just read the word, pray and are obedient even when it doesn’t make sense.  And sometimes, in the middle of that process God flips it and makes it into something fun and gets you right back into the steady water again.  I mean really, just like those girls on the Hiwasee…trying to steer your own life can turn out truly messy.  You have to just trust that God knows more than you and be obedient. He will give you the next step you need to take so you can get back on the right path.

Here’s to another year…forward 2!


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