Most Likely Not to Succeed

I gave my site a little make over,…hope you like it! 🙂

This Sunday I got to talk about one of my favorite stories in the Bible!  Rahab!  I could of gone on and on and on, but the book of Joshua is just plain jam packed full of neat stuff.  Several years ago, I spoke in a break out class at The West Texas Girls Conference on Rahab.  Later in college I chose to do one of my exegesis papers in Old Testment Class on her and the walls of Jericho. Since I had been thinking about her inspirational story,  I thought I would share with you some of the things about Rahab that I had to leave out because of time.

In high school I did newspaper staff.  I don’t know if they still do this in year books and newspapers or not, but they had these things called superlatives.  There was “Most Pretty Eyes” and “Most Popular” and “Most Athletic”…etc.  I got “Most Encouraging.” I guess my peers got me, because if you know me I am pretty much a cheerleader at heart.  Anyway, when I think of Rahab, if she had a superlative voted by her peers, I am pretty sure she would get “Most Likely Not to Succeed.”  She just plain didn’t really have anything going for her.  She is a prostitute, living on the outskirts of Jericho, obviously, not married, which even though some still freak out if you aren’t 21 and married here in the south,…that was a waaaaay bigger deal back then.  It meant her livelihood was pretty much on her.   You have to wonder, where her parents poor and that is how she ended up as a prostitute?  Did she have daddy issues and didn’t feel loved so she turned to promiscuity to feel love and attention?  Was she so gorgeous that she had a super ego and felt like she was God’s gift to the world? We have no idea.

According to history books, there was said to be a large sea monster named Rahab. Wow.  How would you like to share a name with a monster? Eh, not my 1st choice, what about you?  The sea monster was said to be fiery red. Several different Biblical texts believe that she might of had red hair.  I just kind of picture her with the type of personality like maybe Pink or Katy Perry,…kinda in yo face! Large personality, edgy, showy, and kinda out there.

Little Josh Josh is trying to accomplish his mission of leading his people into the promised land.  To do that he has to go conquer the land.  He sends to spies to go figure out what they are up against.  They go and stay in the house of Rahab. Woof. I mean, of all the places, come on guys,…? Not exactly the most trustworthy person…but then again, she is an outcast.  I bet nobody would of believed her if she had told them.

The King does somehow get wind of them being there, and she does not budge.  She does not tell the King about them.  She helped keep the spies safe.  They promised to make sure her and her family were taken care of when they attacked.  She put a red chord out her window (similar to the passover right…they would pass over her house, pretty cool, huh?).  It’s also said that the red chord is a symbol of how the red light district got it’s name…pretty weird huh?  She survives, and she is one of the only ones to survive that day that the walls of Jericho (which were at least 6 feet wide) came down.  Did I mention it says in Joshua 2 that she actually live ON the wall.  That means that when the walls came down, by some miracle her part was ok, and her walls did not collapse around her!  How awesome!  Later she became a priestess and a part of Jesus’ lineage.   If you think all those names don’t mean something,…I tell you, they do.  She married Salmon from the tribe of Judah and gave birth to Boaz.  She also goes on to be listed in Hebrews 11 as a person of faith…by faith Rahab.  God truly turned her mourning into dancing.

She had everything going against her.  The most unlikely of characters, yet she was used to God’s glory.  She was most likely not to succeed but when she took on God, He put her in direct alignment with him by connecting her with Jesus and making her an ultimate success.

I could still go on about chapter 6 in Joshua where they march around Jericho and the walls come down,…it’s the coolest intimidation tactic I think I have heard of to date.  Look it up.  It’s awesome.

However, all I can think of is that I have met people (and been one at one time or another) where they are so defeated by this or that they have done or didn’t do.  You can not put yourself in a corner like that and stay there just because you are embarrassed or feel like a failure.  That is unacceptable.  Because of God, you can do wonderful things.  He can use you and every dirty, yucky, stupid situation you’ve ever even thought of putting yourself into!  If you start right now.  Just right now.  The next time you hear a prompting to step out in faith.  Just a nudge.  If you obey it…like Rahab did.  He can take any rough story of yours and turn it on it’s head and make it in alignment with Him if you give it to Him.

I promise you.  If it’s of God, you will see that he make beautiful things out us.


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