Lioness Arising

Over the summer, I went to the beach and spent a great deal of time catching up on reading and chilling.  There was a book by one of my favorite authors that I had gotten and saved for the beach.  The book is called Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere.  I was so ready to finally sit down and focus my attention and soak in her divine words of the Lord, and…have you ever had that moment when you just can’t get into it?? I was totally there.  I was so frustrated.  I had read the first chapter when I first got the book, looked forward to focusing in on it and then when I finally had the time to do so I couldn’t!  Grrrh.. Anyway, I just decided that the message inside that book must not be something I needed at that moment and so I put it off to read yet again.

A few weeks ago I decided to start turning the tv off before bed and begn reading for the hour before bed to try to calm my thoughts and relax.  So, I have given this book a go again.  I am feeling a little bad, Lisa if you read this I promise there is a point and I do in fact love this book.  The book circles the line of thought that a lioness is stunning in her beauty because of her strength and purpose.  She uses the analogy of how a lioness can protect her young and gain food for her family (yes, the lioness actually hunts for food not the lion) but at the same hand (or paw) and teeth she can pick up her babies.  A lioness lives in the light and hunts in the dark. And, last but not least raises a collective roar that can change everything.  Basically, the book is calling women in ministry and of the Lord to rise up in strength and numbers to change their world…I would think this would be a message that applies to all people.

Now, don’t hear me say, I am a lioness hear me roar... no…well, maybe a little…no seriously though…If you are a parent or person influencing young people it truly does give you a little jolt reminding you to live with purpose, walk in the strength of His might, and arise in the darkness.

So the word “arise” has been on my mind.  It keeps showing up.  I was listening to a lesson by Debbie Morris from Gateway Church the other night, and she was talking about Ruth.  You can imagine my surprise when the first point in her lesson was “arise.”  If you read the book of Ruth (only 4 chapters, a quick read) in the beginning Naomi and her family are in Bethlehem.  They decide to go to Moab, the hometown of Ruth and Orpha.  That really doesn’t sound like that big of a detail. However, you have to understand that it took a great deal of effort for them to get there.  They actually would of had to travel across the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is actually the lowest place on earth.  In in that lowest place on earth, God doesn’t allow people to sink. Funny, huh?  There is so much salt and other minerals in the water that people literally can not sink or drown (unless they swallow an unhealthy amount of that water I am sure). I have to say it one other way to quote Pastor Debbie, “In God’s lowest point of the earth, He still won’t let you sink.” Debbie used this point of “arise” because arising is the first step in the change process.  You have to make the commitment to arise and make a change.  The word arise or arose shows up all over the place in the Bible.  With Deborah, she arose. Hannah, she arose.  In the story of the prodigal son, he arose and changed. Jezebel (in my creepy voice if you heard me speak yesterday), she told her husband to arise, even though it wasn’t to do something good.

So pairing my reading with that message and the combo of those tumbling around in my noggin…I simply say, arise.  You are clothed in the strength of His might; you can walk in the spirit; you can live in the light and hunt in the darkness. Arise lions… Just like David Crowder or Kristian Stanfill would sing, “My God’s not dead, He’s surly alive, & He’s living on the inside roaring like a lion.”  Live like it!


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