Wii Worship

At this time next week I will be at Camp Lee in Anniston, Alabama with 131 middle school students on Road Trip!  It is going to be a BLAST!  I am starting to get really excited!

We will be talking about what it means to live a life of worship.  Every area of your life should be a worship…for instance, wii play, wii school, mii, wii rest, wii family, wii friends, wii date, wii party,…all are to be a worship to our creator.  Such a common problem in todays society is that people live layered lives.  Oftentimes, we think we can trick ourselves and others into thinking we are one person in one area of our lives but another someplace else.  All in a sudden, when we get on the ball field all the things we say that we stand for in small group goes out the window, and we are someone totally different.  That is not how we were meant to live.  We were meant to live for so much more…(haha song lyric reference). But really.  We are meant to live for so much more.  We are meant to live with every area of our lives being a worship to God.  That is what we will be talking about next weekend, and I am so excited to see the way that the Lord works!

We also have several other things going on…

Our drama team, FLOOD, has prepared some awesome skits for each session.

Weight of Glory, Nashville, TN

Weight of Glory from Belmont will be leading worship for us and giving a concert on Saturday night.  Bring some extra $ if you want to buy some of their music!  Also, we have some fun challenges this weekend.  We will be separated into color teams and have ongoing games throughout the weekend…one of which involves some of your leaders dressing up as Safari animals… hehehe it will be fun!  We will have free time where you can try the Polar Bear Swim (the zip line into the lake), the rock slide, rock climbing, and canoeing!  We will also have a GIANT Wii station setup in the Ark!  It is going to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait!  I hope you are ready too!

Please be praying for our group as their hearts are prepared to have an encounter with our King and spend time building community in small groups and as a youth group! 🙂


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