More than fine

The Lord has just really been stirring with in me for the past 5 months…and I couldn’t even talk about it! You know that had to be hard for me…  It was like right at my birthday I began to feel the need to discern how God was wanting to use me for His glory next.  I kept hearing a repeating word in my study that kept saying “go home.”  At first, I thought this must mean that I needed to go to Nashville where my family is!  Duh, right?  Nope… just wait.

However, I decided not to jump to any conclusions, because as I have learned the hard way before, when you feel like a word is given to you, your immediate understanding of it or impression of it is not always right, usually there is more to it.  I don’t like to do much with out praying about things.  So of course with something this big in my life, I decided to spend the whole month of September just praying, discerning, seeking counsel, and paying attention to my thoughts, prayers, and feelings regarding ministry and life.  Over and over again I felt this discontentment and as if God was calling me back home…not literally though.  I came to realize that my “go home” message I kept hearing was about going home to the original calling in ministry I was given.

I began to check out my options, and I was led to a great church called Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood, AL (in Birmingham).  It was one of those sighs of the heart.  You know what I am talking about?  Like when you get a hug from an old friend and you sigh?  It was a heart sigh of ‘this is it.’  They felt the same way it seems, because they offered me the position as High School Director.  I am so excited to be stepping into this position in the new year!  Every day I become a little more excited about the new part of my journey at Trinity and in student ministry.

Ya know, with every single place I have volunteered or worked in student ministry, no matter how short or long the season, I can always look back and see how that season prepared me for the next.  I truly believe my time at Cove was a preparation time for me…I had the opportunity to lead, build relationships with some awesome students and volunteers, and I was able to develop a heart and equip volunteers to lead.  My season of almost two years at Cove was such a blessing to me.  That is why this past Sunday was so bittersweet.  I hate to leave the students, volunteers, and family’s I have become so comfortable with, but I also am so excited about the way God is going to work in the next chapter of my journey in ministry.  I know He has many more things to teach me and many more students lined up for Him to use me to lead them closer in relationship to Him, and lots more leaders He wants me to equip to do ministry.

Just as I told everyone on Sunday, I will say it again… Cove Students is going to be more than fine and so am I! 🙂


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