2 weeks in the 205

I have officially been in the 205 for 2 weeks!  It’s official…I even changed my phone number to a 205 number (If you need me by the way and don’t have my new number email or facebook me)!

I am all settled in my new apartment, which I loooooove!  I had a crew of high schoolers, staff members, and parents ready to welcome me and help me move into it!

Also, my new office is almost completely set up!  I have a few more boxes of books to put away.  The students had decorated my office by putting pictures up of themselves with captions of their names up so I could start remembering names and faces!  They also made me a cross and pictures, and on my desk was a fully loaded up basket of Element Student Ministry t-shirts, bags, pens, car decals, ornaments, and just about anything else with our logo that we have!

I have had friends from Huntsville come visit twice now, and my mom came down for a weekend to help me get settled!  Needless to say, I did some major damage at The Summit shopping!  :p

I have only gotten lost hard core 1 time…so that is pretty good for me.  I vowed after that experience to use TomTom, my GPS.  Since then I have been just fine.

This week, I had one of the 11th grade girls FUSION groups (small group) over to my apartment for group time, and I cooked dinner for them!  I decided that to help myself get to know the students and force myself to become domesticated I should have each girls group over, and I would cook for them!  So far it’s working!  I mean, hey, I have a brand spankin new oven so I might as well use it, right?  When the group came over there was lots of laughter, fun, and deep conversation about where they are in their relationship with God.  I absolutely love nights like that.  I can’t help but think, “I can’t believe I am paid to do this!”  

I’ve gone to Homewood Middle and High School for lunch, and I went to some basketball games and saw the cheerleaders, players, and spangles (spelling??).  I am really trying to nail down names of students and get to know them…so naturally being around them helps that!

This week I will be going on a retreat with my 2 main co-workers, David and Robert, to do planning for the future!  I am looking forward to how God is going to work through this team!  They have been great.  Also, our full staff retreat is this week, so hopefully it will be a good opportunity for me to continue to get to know everyone on staff and peoples roles as well as where we are headed as a church! Also, Sunday night we have our 6th grade lock-in where our high schoolers will be leading, so this will be another great opportunity for me to get to know more students and build relationships!

I say all that to say,…I am slowly but surely getting settled in and adjusting…and I am loving every minute of it!  I can’t wait to see how God is about to work through this next season in my life and ministry at Trinity!


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