What a Summer!

What a summer, what a summer!!!

Just about the time I was taking a deep breath to prepare myself for the fast and furious thing student ministry is in the summer, I realized it was over!

One of my favorite things about summer and student ministry is that every trip has a personality of it’s own. No trip is the same, and each trip I usually come to love for different reasons.

Choir Tour is at the beginning of June, and it was a great trip to start out with for the summer. Our Choir Director, Scott Robertson, had everything planned and ready to go as our charter bus made it’s way to D.C. I so enjoyed getting to know the students on this trip. We as youth staff didn’t have as much responsibility in the planning and leading aspect, so we got to focus on building relationships with the students and supporting Scott & Jodi! A few highlights from the trip were the fun and delirious bus rides, Scott turning yo-gabba-gabba on the loud speaker (there’s a party in my tummy & don’t bite your friends were his favorites), visiting the Pentagon Memorial from 9/11 (I still get chills thinking about it), sneaking the senior girls out for dessert one night, 2 students faking a proposal on the steps of Lincoln Memorial and a loooot of people cheering, bonding with the interns at night, 2 grandmas getting in a fight across me during a performance, and of course the singing,…It didn’t matter how many times they sang “What Faith Can Do” I would tear up. It was a great trip!

Youth Staff on Choir Tour

We also took a wopping 121 high school students and adults to SOS Memphis for our mission trip. It was such a great week of fun, soul searching, and service for our students. One of the highlights of the trip was that Andy Wolfe, our Senior Pastor, came to visit us during the week. He came bearing poweraide slushes from Sonic to our 15 worksites so that he could see our students and meet the homeowners. That trip was amazing, and even though it just ended,…registration is now open for next summer, and I truly can’t wait!

SOS 2012

At the tail end of July, we had Element Summer Camp in St. Simons Island, GA. Our high school students were the small group leaders for our middle school students and were heavily involved in the games, skits, and videos! It was a wonderful trip, and we spent the week talking about “Rain.”

me & 9th Grade Girls

As the summer came to a close and school was about to kick off, we had our High School Discovery Weekend. The theme this year was Proximity. We talked about getting in proximity with God, others, forgiveness, hope, and a movement! It was a special weekend, and truly a great way for our 127 high schoolers to start out the year focused on the Lord.

HS Discovery 2012

Throw in there a family beach trip, a couple trips to Nashville, an Atlanta trip, and a birthday trip, and well,…where did summer go?? How is it the middle of September already?

Our ministry team at Trinity has just embarked on a journey of splitting the middle school and high school on Sunday nights. This is a big step for our ministry that had to happen due to space issues (which really is a good problem to have). It occurred to me the other day, that every ministry I have worked with, with the exception of 1, has already had this split. I have gone in and just focused on middle school or high school. It was already done for me. I just got to minister with in those confines. It brought me back to the reality of one of the reasons why I was so attracted to Trinity when I moved here. I do love new challenges…especially ways to stretch my ministry experience and what I have seen God do and having the faith to walk with Him as he works out the details! It is so unique to be on this side of things. Not having the change pre-made. It is kind of cool to be formulating a plan and helping make solutions…we will see how it works! As in many areas of life,…student ministry is a moving target. I hope to update more often now that I am settled here in Bham. Keep you posted on the ways that the Lord is stretching my faith and ministry experiences. This fall I will be traveling a couple places for conferences and such, and I plan to update about that here just as I have done in the past! Hope you have a great week… 🙂


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