A Heart Like His

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine was in town, and we were discussing our own private devotion times. I was saying that I had just given a talk at FCA on God as the rock and referenced a story in the Bible about King David where he had called God his rock even when he had messed things up so much. It was in studying up on that scripture that I realized that I had not really ever dived into the life of David other than in Freshman Old Testament class (which consisted of about 1 class period on the topic) and Sunday School growing up. So, my friend suggested I start the Beth Moore study on David called “David: Seeking a Heart Like His.”

Well, let me tell you… this study has truly not disappointed me. I have just been working at my own pace…one week I went through two weeks of material then another week I only did three days worth. I truly do suggest you do this study if you ever get the chance.

Anyways, it has so intrigued me how one man can start out as a measly, annoying, baby brother watching sheep can turn into a man on the run pretending to be crazy so he isn’t killed, best friend of the King’s son, husband to the daughter of the King, killer of thousands, anointed potential King, womanizer, murderer, temple builder,…the list goes on…yet is still referred to as a man after God’s heart. This gives hope to the rest of us, right?

A couple weeks ago when I first started this study, Beth instructs you to spend a good amount of time studying King David’s character and characteristics. This makes sense, after all, you are supposed to be seeking a heart like this person. 1 Samuel 16 goes into pretty good detail describing this young man. However, all the character traits boil down to two different things: tenderness and strength. Two things that are total opposites really. These are two characteristics that are very important to have…no wonder he is considered to be a man chasing after the Lord. This is the character of someone who knows how to bring restoration, a comforting shoulder, and listening ear, yet knows how and when to use their strength to defend an army and speak for those who can’t for themselves. This is a person who can journal pieces (Psalms) and play the harp, yet kill bears to protect a flock. This is a man who can woo the ladies, yet demand people be put on the front lines to be killed. This type of character takes food to his brothers on the battlefield and ends up displaying God’s strength in him with one little stone.

I talked with my girls small group tonight about friendship. We discussed the verse from Ecclesiastes 4 about how a cord of three is not easily broken. This verse has really touched my heart during this study. It seems to me that part of why David was given such victory in life was because in everything he did there were three parties involved. Him, whatever it was (sheep, battle, Goliath, Jonathan, Saul, running, etc), and the Lord. The Lord was always his focus…his third cord in everything he did. The more I have soaked this in, I have realized that the times that David is such a screw up is when that third party becomes his own selfish desires (David’s needs and wants)…Him, whatever it was, and his desires (not the Lord’s). I can’t help but find this to be true in my own life. I know, some of you probably are thinking, duh, this is old news. It is. However, sometimes it’s good to be reminded. When I submit things to the Lord things are always more fruitful. My friends that are the closest to me,…we all have the Lord as our foundation…our third cord. I can ask them for prayer. I can talk to them about real life things. I can listen and ask questions about faith. When I work hard on something, but I have sought the Lord about it on the front end of things…no matter how it ends up, I know in my knower that I have done the best thing. If I am nervous about a conversation or a situation but I submit it to the Lord then I know that He is with me (Emmanuel…God with us) and then I am suddenly able to operate on God’s strength not mine. It is truly best when we have the Lord, whatever situation it is, and then us just as a vessel or mouthpiece. King David certainly wasn’t perfect, but the whole seeking the Lord thing he seemed to have down…and that is why I do want a heart like his.


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