Yet again…

Yet again,… my mind is boggled in light of the events that happened Friday in Connecticut.  I was minding my own merry business at the galleria shopping for Christmas presents for friends and family when I saw the tweets as I took a pit stop for some coffee.  There are lots and lots of weird, odd, random things I can reason and wrap my mind around at least vaguely, but that particular event I haven’t been able to process so well.

Yet again,…I am reminded of my brokenness and our brokenness as mere mortals.

Yet again,…I am given comfort in that God’s forgiveness and love stretches to depths and heights that no man can imagine.

Yet again,… I am reminded that my hope and trust is in something so much bigger than what I see here and now.

Yet again,…I am drawn to remember in this season of advent that Jesus is indeed, Immanuel, God with us…in every season,…at all times.

Yet again,…I am reminded that as we sweep up the broken pieces, that God does make beautiful things out of the dust.

Yet again,…I know that He hasn’t given us spirits of doubt, fear, confusion, worry, and unbelief, but rather He has given us spirits of power, love, and sound minds.

Yet again,… God is God, and I am not.


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