Everything has changed…but nothing has changed

One key to knowing how to grow is knowing or being aware of where you are. This, of course, is true in your spiritual life.

I took a spiritual gift assessment in college about 6 years ago, and my main spiritual gifts were encouragement, serving and faith. These seemed to fit me at the time. My superlative in high school was “Most Encouraging,” and I always have considered myself a cheerleader at heart even though I was physically as well. In college I was in SALT (Service Action Leadership Team) on campus, helped at Boys and Girls Club, and led mission projects with the youth group I worked with in Abilene etc. As far as faith goes,…that is kind of self explanatory.

Anyways, in the young adult Bible study that I have been going to at Trinity, we have been doing a study on spiritual gifts this month. I was curious to see what mine would be now. I know I have changed since college (especially since that particular year in college) that is for sure, so I was pleased to find out what my spiritual gifts are now. My top 3 were teaching, faith, and message of knowledge. As I learned what these 3 were, they made sense to me.

I would guess that I am a good teacher…I definitely have a passion for the word and helping students understand it. i usually get complimented on my teaching.

Faith, well, that is not something I have necessarily lacked over the course of my life. My thoughts have always been that no matter what I encounter, everything I have ever faced before, God has never failed me, so why would He start now?? Yes, I may not always understand “the how” of things being worked out, but later I almost always do…and He is once again shown to me as my faithful God and Father.

Message of knowledge or “mess of knowledge” as I have been pegged by some… well, that definition basically means that I have a great understanding and knowledge about God and the word, but more specifically, I know when to use it and who to give it to…in the right timing. I know I definitely can know a TON more that is for sure…there are so many things I feel like I don’t have my mind wrapped around. However, I try and most of the time know when someone is ready for some information or insight.

I see how all 3 of these play out currently in my ministry carreer and in my own personal spiritual life.

What I found particularly odd was that encouragement is actually one of my lowest scores now as opposed to it being my highest score in college. That does kind of puzzle me. I enjoy encouraging others. However, I know that sometimes I feel like I am so busy teaching, giving advice, or listening. Therefore I do not have time to encourage like I used to do.

Now, I more teach people, volunteers etc how to encourage students. So in some ways the encouragement doubles. So I am still encouraging, but it is more of secondhand. Which is still good, I guess.

It is a similar concept with the service part. For example, at our last Service Saturday with the youth, I did get to serve a little, but I spent most of my time checking on the groups that were serving to make sure they were ok and didn’t need anything. I am still serving, just the role is different.

So in some ways, everything has changed…but nothing has changed.

Maybe God just equips you to share your gifts as you grow in them? I mean the point of a gift is that it’s given. So, sharing a gift only makes sense, right? All in all, I am glad we studied this. Now I know where I need to work on things and can also still see how God is blessing me in new ways…what a gift!


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