Seriously Ridiculous

This past weekend was seriously ridiculous… like really.

Discovery Weekend 2013

Discovery Weekend 2013

We had our Middle School Discovery Weekend this past weekend and everything about it was seriously ridiculous…Of course that was the theme of the weekend. However, truly everything from the games, the videos, the talks, the activities, the number of total students between middle school and high school (457), the small groups, worship, the dance party, just everything. We talked about the seriously ridiculous love of God. I was so proud of our high schoolers for their involvement and leadership in giving talks, performing dances, leading small groups, helping with games, directing people, being examples in worship, being polite at host homes (I haven’t heard any bad reports yet…), carrying tables, picking up trash, hauling luggage…they were awesome. Our adult volunteers were also rediculously awesome. Between setup, clean up, policing students, providing meals, prayers, organizing, serving meals, driving, just all of it…it literally takes a small church just to help with that group of students. I was blown away. I always am.

Most importantly, God was there. Yes, He always is. However, there are some years where you feel the spirit more than others, and this was one in which chains were broken, lives healed, restoration brought, bonds formed, and the love of Christ realized. For that, I am thankful.

I can’t possibly share everything about the weekend, but I can name a few highlights for me.

In no particular order…

Almost all of my fusion girls were there. I lead a group of 10th grade girls in a Fusion Bible Study on Monday nights along with 2 college students (who are awesome). It was a joy so see these girls lead the younger students. Knowing them and what goes on in their lives, it just made me so proud to see them being an example to the younger girls as well as having fellowship time with each other.

Fusion Love

Fusion Love

Saturday night of the weekend is a prayer service, and it was neat to see the sanctuary filled with students, parents, and supporters of our youth at Trinity. It was overwhelming.

On Saturday night, I was charged with the duty of quieting down all the middle school girls for bed. I went to this task with a spirit of dread. However, as God usually does, the thing I was dreading turned into a sweet thing. I so rarely get one on one time with students on weekends like this unless they are upset about something. This task gave me the opportunity to speak with around 12-20 girls at a time. I got to share with them how happy I was to have them there, that I had been praying for them, and then I got to pray over them! It was wonderful to be able to take the time to do that.

After the prayer service, we were having a party in the Haven. I was headed to get a water, and a little 6th grade girl was getting 6 waters for her friends in the prayer chapel. She said she couldn’t carry them, so she asked if I would grab 3 of them for her. As I headed to the prayer chapel to drop off the waters and check on the girls in there, I was astonished when the door opened and the room was full…with around 20 middle school girls…and there in the midst of them sat one of our senior guys and a sophomore girl comforting them. Again,… another overjoyed moment.

I know there are tons of other thoughts floating around in my mind about the weekend, but ultimately, I hope everyone involved felt the love of Christ and grew in knowing just how wide, high, and deep it is and that there is nothing…nothing,…that can separate us from that love…because that is seriously ridiculous.

Check out this video from the weekend…


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