The Aftermath

Holy Week.

You know, for me to of grown up in a culture that was so fully immersed in the Bible and religion,…Holy Week was never observed in the tradition I grew up in…kinda odd, I know.

So I relish every moment of it now. After all, it is my sweet Jesus. How could you not?

Holy Week is literally one of my favorite times of the year at Trinity. We have noon day worship services with great speakers, Maundy-Thursday service, the Service of Darkness on Good Friday, nothing on Saturday, and then this year we have 6 services on Easter Sunday (shout out-which I have helped coordinate our Sunrise Service led by our Seniors)! I have soaked up each aspect of it, and have found something to be impactful in each service.

Last year, I don’t think I really gave up anything for lent, so this year I feel like lent has taken on a different meaning since I actually stuck with it this time. I feel like I have been more in touch with the sacrificial part of lent…truly a blessing. You should give up/add something next year if you didn’t this year.

Some high-lights for me this week have been hearing Wade Griffith speak (I have only gotten to see him in laid back settings, and to hear a word was great!), hearing Miriam Smith speak (I always love to see another chick in ministry that is my age up there speaking boldly about the gospel), fellowship over lunch with some of the staff and members (the camaraderie and laughs make for a nice break from work on a busy week), Nathan Carden’s refernce to current and recent criminals last meals and ways of execution in relation to the “criminal,” Jesus’, last supper or meal and his execution, and the beautiful scriptures that came alive through song at the solemn service of darkness.

Then… there was a random thing that happened. Over dinner last night, my mom, who is in town, asked, “what about Saturday?” She was asking what I knew about the Saturday of this Holy Week. There aren’t any services. There isn’t a ton in the Bible said about it… so what is our mood and general directed thoughts supposed to be about this Saturday??

Well, as much as I would like to report to you what this theologian or that theologian said about the Saturday of Holy Week…I haven’t had the time to research it…but I probably will. When I do, I will report back I am sure. BUT, in the meantime, there is a song. If I had to imagine what the Saturday of Holy Week should look like, it would look something like the song The Aftermath by Hillsong. There is a video of them singing it with lyrics. To me, it fits perfectly.

Because, what happens on Saturday…lifted out of the wreckage, I find hope in the aftermath.

I hope you will come to one of our services at Trinity or at your local church! Ours are listed below!

Traditional Service in the Sanctuary: 8:30am, 9:45am, 11:00am

Contemporary Contact Service in Wesley Hall: 9:45am, 11:15am

Sunrise Service in Wesley Hall (due to rain): 6:30am


2 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Lisa says:

    We were sort of on the same “wave length” this morning . . .except your post was much nicer . . .you will have to read what I wrote. I think Saturday was a day of waiting and being gathered (did the have a rendevous point?) together somewhere in a room . . .or maybe still hiding . . .grieving . . .I wonder if they were able to move from grief into worship . . .and laughter. You know how you are after a funeral . . .you sit around and talk about all the good things and the funny things and laugh together – laughter and tears mingled together.

    • carolinehare says:

      I bet you are right… there is kind of that comic relief after a funeral (at least for me). I bet there was still some kind of anticipation…of “I know he always comes through and what he says always happens…but him raising HIMSELF from the dead…???”

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