Multiplying the Bottom Line

This week, I was brainstorming for themes and such for a couple retreats I have coming up, and I ended up settling in on Matthew 25 for a while where it talks about the Parable of the Talents. It made me really reflect on how you use your talents. Are you just using them yourself, sharing them, or multiplying them?? The bottom line is that it really and truly is a vital question on not just personal spiritual growth but growth for the kingdom.

As this was on my mind…

Nina H. Reeves

Nina H. Reeves

Yesterday, I had the honor of sitting down at a table with about 8 people and Nina Reeves. If you don’t know who she is, then you are missing out. A lot of people know her for being a huge part of Camp Sumatanga. She is a Christian Educator, youth minister, and professional story teller and has been for over 40 years. I’ve been on her endowment board for about a year now. She was telling us yesterday that the endowment began when she retired from Sumatanga. She asked that money be placed in this endowment for youth ministries to be able to dream and help with the spiritual formation of youth. We allot funds, as we can, to those who apply who’s requests meet our by-laws and vision.

As I was sitting there yesterday looking at different requests, it just made my heart happy to think about being able to help multiply some youth ministries efforts to raise up the next generation and encourage them to keep dreaming God sized dreams for God’s work in the lives of our young people. Nina could of done any number of things with that money when she retired…but she chose to keep giving to youth after the fact and multiply her efforts by feeding into people like me and other youth ministers who do what she did back in the day. Aren’t you glad that there are people like Nina who are living for something bigger than themselves?

It was so clear as we were looking at requests that she keeps laser focused on the call she has. She was the first one to point out if something did not fit in with the bottom line vision statement. Even though all of the requests are always good things…she knows what her focus is and sticks to it. Who doesn’t wish they were a little bit better at keeping the their sights on the bottom line?

If you would like to apply for the Nina Reeves Endowment feel free to click on this link and it will take you to our form. Summer allotments have already been decided but you can submit something for the fall!

A Meal & A Deal

A Meal & A Deal

I guess all of this has been on my mind also because our student ministry at Trinity will be working to multiply our efforts next Friday night. We have been knee deep in working on a fundraiser we have called A Meal and A Deal. It is a silent auction and dinner we have next Friday night, April 12 from 6-8pm. You can purchase tickets for $10. Basically, the items (golf clubs, a dog, vacation at the beach etc) and services (like babysitting and lawn services) will be auctioned off over dinner. The money raised will go towards our youth ministry’s mission trips and scholarshipping students for retreats and such. When I say all that, it may sound like a fundraiser…but really, it is multiplying efforts. Blessing the next generation to grow spiritually. So mark your calendar, purchase those tickets, or donate an item.

That’s the bottom line.


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