#tbt & Back to the Basics

#tbt is a term used on twitter and facebook called throwback Thursday.  This is where people post pictures and such “throwing it back” to several years ago.  These #tbt remind us where we came from…good and bad.  Yes, I am aware that today is not Thursday, but I have felt like throwing it back the last couple days…so allow me my sentimental #tbt post, ok?

As I opened up instagram yesterday, it really irked me to find that a sweet group of 6th graders that I connected with from Abilene at Highland was graduating!  One of the girls isn’t the little blonde headed, braces, banged girl wearing a tweetie bird shirt anymore…but a dark headed, straight teethed, young lady in a collared shirt.  So bizarre.

Crushed Retreat 2006

Crushed Retreat 2006

The group of girls, from interning during the summer at Tusculum, that I roomed with on our North Carolina Mission Trip and Atlanta trip were putting on their caps and gowns on instagram as well. Double weird.



Then…The group of kids that I served with at manna house every week and that played in our youth praise band at Cove were all going to their senior picnic…posted on instagram as well. I came to them when they were freshman.  We went on mission trips, laughed, cried, have been to funerals, all sorts of things…can’t believe they are graduating…My mental snapshot of that group of seniors is the picture below… part of the group up on stage practicing for worship at Discovery Weekend (IGNITE to you Cove-ites) and some of the other leaders below worshiping before all the other students were supposed to arrive.  They always arrived early and stayed late.

This is what I think of...worship practice...with peers worshiping ahead of time.


I sat there during traditional worship on this past Sunday watching the slideshow go of our seniors at Trinity… and I have been equally impressed with them.  There are so many in leadership.  Even though I know some better than others,…I see the overall impact that group has had on our student ministry as a whole.  Then, last night at Senior SNL, I was thinking about some of the worship songs our youth picked like “Marvelous Light” to sing…and it #tbt me to back in the day.  It made me think about how those seniors are the same age as all those others I know.

Seniors 2013

Seniors 2013

 This class (overall) has been awesome, gifted and blessed even.  It has gone by fast.  It’s just starting to speed up really.

So seniors…

I was asked to speak to one of our senior girls small groups about if “I had one more thing to leave with them…” and this is what I have come up with…just going back to the basics.  I am not going to throw it back to all the many lessons I have taught.  I am just going to stick to the basics that I hope you know or have somehow “gotten” in my crazy high pitched voice, preachin’, “rose buds,” hugs, tears, off pitch singing, and prayers… So here it is:

1-  My favorite quote of all time by Jim Elliott, “Wherever you are, be all there.  Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” Be. all. there.

2- There is nothing you can do right now to make God love you any more or any less than He already does right now. Truth.

3- Don’t put ramen noodles in the microwave with out water in it. Things light on fire. And we all know, I don’t do fire…and you probably shouldn’t either.

4- You will always be my rosebuds.

That’s all she wrote, folks.  For all those who I can #tbt with to trips, small groups, games, laughter, funerals, worship, life chats, and videos…in all of it…those are the things I want you to remember. Congratulations!  And remember,…you can always, always, always go back to the basics.


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