It’s finally here!

70 of us embark upon a journey to jolly ol’ London tomorrow for Youth Choir Tour 2013.  We have our passports, money changed over to pounds, and scarfs ready for chilly damp weather.

Got my money switched to pounds!

Got my money switched to pounds!

On our trip we have a wide variety of people going… youth 6-12th grades, 2 artists (youth) that draw during the performances, the Choir Directors, 2 of us youth directors, a hand bell director, violinist, 2 pianists, 4 doctors, 1 nurse, a lawyer, and a cat… just kidding about the cat.  I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.  Anyways, I believe we have our bases covered. 🙂  Also, our Choir Director and a volunteer usually make a trip to wherever we are going on choir tour a few weeks in advance to check everything out and make sure everything is in ship shape, and this year was no exception.  The “tube” or subway will be our main transportation while we are there.  We have our matching t-shirts to make sure we can spot everyone easily, and lanyard to hold our tube cards.

There is a long list of places we will be going in the next week to see as well as to perform.  In fact, Sunday, we will be performing in Wesley Chapel…the original church of John Wesley. I don’t care who you are, that’s pretty neat.

Over all, I am excited, as is everyone else going on this trip.

I am going to be traveling quite a bit in the month of June. I will be0 in London, home for a few days, speaking at a Girl’s Retreat for Asbury in Madison, AL, and then our first SOS mission trip takes off! Needless to say, I already have my suitcases and backpack out and partially packed to make it easier!  I am sure I will have plenty of God moments to share, but finding the time to write may be more difficult, but I will try!

Please keep our group in your prayers, and me as well! 🙂



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